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Citrix: Bringing Mobile Workers up to Cloud Speed

Citrix Systems
Trains, planes, and automobiles are the most obvious signs that we are living in an era of continual acceleration; going ever faster is the motto of our time. Yet when it comes to 21st-century acceleration, IT has been the most influential. Since the arrival of the first mainframe computers, calculations have always been made at […]

Veeam Brings Powerful Innovations Designed to Deliver Seamless Digital Life Experience

VeeamON 2017 commences with a raft of innovations to deliver on today’s consumer requirements for seamless Digital Life experience NEW Veeam Availability Suite v10 drives non-stop business continuity, digital transformation agility and analytics & visibility to new levels NEW Veeam CDP helps customers to protect and recover Tier-1 and mission-critical applications NEW Veeam Availability for […]

Veeam Greatly Expands Revenue Opportunities for ProPartners and Service Providers as Customers Move to Cloud

As customers are moving to the Cloud, Veeam enables its resellers and service providers to help customers move to and manage data in a Multi-Cloud or Hybrid Cloud environment, while greatly expanding the total addressable market to manage and protect public cloud and physical workloads NEW Veeam Accredited Service Partner (VASP) program drives partner services […]

Leverage VTL on Amazon AWS object storage (S3 & Glacier)

Today most big storage providers offer some form of long-term physical tape library storage, which enables customers to utilize a cost-efficient cold storage option. But, there can be a few key issues faced with physical tape library storage. The first is complexity that surrounds exportation and management. The second is the cost of upgrading — […]

Nutanix: Further Liberation of the Data Center

With the rise of open systems in the 1980s, IBM helped unfurl new freedom in datacenter computing. Moving beyond the proprietary silos of prior generation minicomputers and mainframes, IBM pioneered the open systems of UNIX interoperability with POSIX-compliant software stacks. This enabled much greater ease for customers in transitioning between different vendors’ UNIX operating systems. […]

Alexa Skill for Nutanix Goes Open-Source

As you may be aware, I have been building the Alexa Skill for Nutanix during my spare time over the last couple months. If not, check this out. I am glad to say that we are open-sourcing the code and schematics that runs on AWS infrastructure under Apache 2.0 license, and also providing examples of […]

How a Top Media Distributor Built a Cloud NAS on AWS – SoftNAS On-Demand Webinar

Join our webinar to learn why iN DEMAND, a joint venture between Comcast, Cox Communications and Charter that provides streaming video services to major cable companies, brought their data storage from on-premises to the cloud using SoftNAS Cloud for AWS. Are you considering transitioning your on-premises data storage, but concerned about how to move enterprise-grade […]

NVIDIA: GTC 2017: Accelerating AWS – Keynote Part 8

NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang details deep learning framework support for NVIDIA’s new Volta GPU architecture, and is joined on stage by AWS General Manager of Deep Learning and AI Matt Wood, who talks about the companies’ work together on the MXNet framework and GPU-accelerated cloud services. This video is via NVIDIA.

Modernizing Traditional Applications with Docker

We would like to quote an article from Josh Coen regarding the DockerCon in Austin.You can find Josh’s article here, or scroll down. A few weeks ago I attended my second DockerCon, this year it was in Austin, TX. Last year there was some focus on the enterprise, but this year they’ve stepped up their […]

Lesson learned from recent cloud outages? Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

HP Enterprise
Idioms are expressions that are used in everyday conversation to paint a mental picture of something – often expressing common knowledge or wisdom. After several recent high profile public cloud outages, one tried-and-true idiom kept popping up everywhere with numerous analysts and authors agreeing with the concept: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. […]

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