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How AWS Powered Amazon’s Biggest Day Ever

Amazon Web Services
The second annual Prime Day was another record-breaking success for Amazon, surpassing global orders compared to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Prime Day 2015. According to a report published by Slice Intelligence, Amazon accounted for 74% of all US consumer e-commerce on Prime Day 2016. This one-day only global shopping event, exclusively for Amazon Prime […]

Amazon Aurora Update – Create Cluster from MySQL Backup

Amazon Web Services
After potential AWS customers see the benefits of moving to the cloud, they often ask about the best way to migrate their applications and their data, including large amounts of structured information stored in relational databases. Today we are launching an important new feature for Amazon Aurora. If you are already making use of MySQL, […]

Amazon WorkSpaces NOW allows you to bring your Windows 10 Desktop licenses to Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon Web Services
In October 2015, we announced that you can bring your existing Windows 7 Desktop licenses to Amazon WorkSpaces, a program we call Bring Your Own License (BYOL). Today we are pleased to announce that we are adding Windows 10 Desktop licenses to the BYOL program, allowing you to use the Windows 10 Desktop operating system […]

Four New AWS Training Bootcamps to Help You Build Technical Skills

Amazon Web Services
We’ve made four of our most popular Technical Bootcamps from AWS re:Invent and Summits part of our broader AWS Training portfolio so you can attend a class convenient to you. Taking AWS Operations to Next Level teaches you how to leverage AWS CloudFormation, Chef, and AWS SDKs to automate provisioning and configuration of AWS infrastructure […]

Red Hat Introduces Ansible Tower 3 with Enhanced Capabilities for Scaling IT Automation across the Enterprise

Red Hat
Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the general availability of Ansible Tower 3, the latest version of its enterprise-grade agentless automation platform. Ansible Tower 3 by Red Hat gives teams the power to scale automation across the enterprise including streamlined interface, more powerful notifications, and explicit […]

What is Cloud NAS (Network Attached Storage)?

According to Technavio, Cloud NAS is gaining traction in the marketplace. But we still see a lot of confusion when people hear the terms “Cloud NAS” or “Cloud-based NAS”. So what is Cloud NAS? A cloud NAS works like the legacy, on-premises NAS currently in your data center. But unlike traditional NAS or SAN infrastructures, […]

Getting Started with Docker Swarm: Part 1

We’ve spent a lot of time reviewing Docker and Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) Container Service (ECS) as a strategy for clustering Docker containers. In this article we’re going to review the native clustering support that Docker provides through its Docker Swarm solution. Introduction to Docker Swarm Docker Swarm is Docker’s native clustering technology. It […]

DevOps Challenges for Virtual Infrastructures, Part I

There is a lot of conversation happening around DevOps all across IT organizations. It was born out of the Agile movement and has started to permeate to other areas. A lot of these conversations are taking place in the application design and implementation to try to create the same time of speed that public clouds […]

RCA Revisited: The Valid Reasons for Root Cause Analysis

In a previous post about the shift away from Root Cause Analysis (RCA) due to the increase in microservices implementations.  It’s much more than just a microservices deployment that will change the way that we operate our application infrastructure.  In the article, I actually referred to a distributed application design using AWS infrastructure. The reason […]

Hot Startups on AWS – June 2016 –, Capillary, Mondo

Amazon Web Services
Continuing with our focus on hot AWS-powered startups (March and April), I would like to tell you about three more this month: – Helping South Asians to find a companion for life. Capillary – Boosting customer engagement for e-commerce. Mondo – A mobile-first bank. Anupam Mittal, founder of,  was exasperated by the […]