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Security aspects when moving to the public cloud – IaaS

IT Blog by Marius Sandbu
This is a follow-up from my earlier blogpost around –> and the purpose about this post is highlighting the security aspects on IaaS services. With IaaS we have the capabilities to provision a set of virtual machines and have different supporting services around it. The purpose of this post is going to be focusing […]

Amazon SES Can Now Automatically Warm Up Your Dedicated IP Addresses

Amazon Web Services
Before the automatic warm-up feature was available, Amazon SES customers who leased dedicated IPs implemented their own warm-up mechanism. Customers gradually increased email sending through a new dedicated IP before using it to its full capacity. Failure to properly warm up an IP results in ISPs throttling emails coming from those IPs. In some cases, […]

Beta Docker Community Edition for Google Cloud Platform

Today we’re excited to announce beta Docker Community Edition (CE) for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Users interested in helping test and improve Docker CE for GCP should sign up at We’ll let in users to the beta as the product matures and stabilizes, and we’re looking forward to your input and suggestions. Docker CE for GCP […]

Software Defined Cloud Bulk Object Storage Trends News

Greg Schulz
Welcome to the Cloud, Big Data, Software Defined, Bulk and Object Storage trends news page, part of the micro site collection of resources. Software defined, Bulk, Cloud and Object Storage exist to support expanding and diverse application data demands. There are various types of cloud, bulk and object storage including public services such as […]

Citrix: Try XenApp in Azure for the Fastest POC

Citrix Systems
Just about a year ago, we released a new way to try XenApp—hosted in Microsoft Azure and initiated through the Azure Marketplace. One year and four releases later, it’s still the most efficient way to set up a XenApp proof of concept. Why try XenApp in Azure? Standing up a trial in Azure simplifies the […]

Citrix moving forward with Citrix Cloud and Essentials package

There is alot of interest around Citrix these days with the upcoming releases with XenDesktop Essentials and XenApp Essentials, and also with all the investments in the latest release with 7.13 as well. The purpose of this blog is to summurize the differences between the different offers that Citrix has now moving forward and of […]

AWS Quick Starts Update – Tableau, Splunk, Compliance, Alfresco, Symantec

Amazon Web Services
AWS Quick Starts help you to deploy popular solutions on AWS. Each Quick Start is designed by AWS solutions architects or partners, and makes use of AWS best practices for security and high availability. You can use them to spin up test or production environments that you can use right away. The Quick Starts include […]

Cisco: It’s a Complicated World Out There – Thoughts on the Amazon S3 Outage

It’s a complicated world out there, especially when it comes to cloud.  Customers are trying to figure out the right cloud strategy, and it isn’t easy. The Amazon S3 outage is an example of just how complex the situation is. While that interruption only lasted four hours, the impacts were felt far and wide. So […]

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