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How Deep Learning Will Stir More Joy into Your Cooking

We all need all the help we can get in the kitchen. Whether that involves meal planning or roasting the perfect chicken, deep learning promises to help bring more to the joy of cooking. Thanks to deep learning, you’ll soon get the kind of help no cookbook can provide. Innit, a Bay Area startup, is […]

Forget Reading the Road, This Automotive AI Reads You

Stories are rife of the obstacles that developers of self-driving cars must overcome — challenges related to sensors, machine learning, real-time data analysis and reaction times. But we haven’t heard much about the passengers. Affectiva, maker of “emotion AI” software, wants to change that. The company is building a platform that would establish profiles of […]

NVIDIA Announces Project Holodeck – Video

We recently announced Project Holodeck, a photorealistic, collaborative virtual reality environment that incorporates the feeling of real-world presence through sight, sound and haptics. http://nvda.ws/2rb0FRQ This video is via NVIDIA.

Whose Sign Is It Anyway? AI Translates Sign Language Into Text

Deaf people can’t hear. Most hearing people don’t understand sign language. -Syed Ahmed, research assistant at Rochester Institute of Technology speaking at GTC 2017 That’s a communication gap AI can help bridge, Syed Tousif Ahmed, a research assistant at the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Future Everyday Technology Lab explained at the the GPU Technology Conference […]

Six Startups Split $1.5 Million in Cash in AI startup competition.

Hollywood-style lights in NVIDIA green. A champagne toast. And the envelope, please. The gala awards event celebrating winners of NVIDIA’s Inception competition for AI startups had the trappings of Tinseltown, with one key difference: Its envelope was stuffed with $1.5 million in cash prizes, to be split among six of the world’s most promising AI […]

GTC Showcases How AI Is Driving Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving cars need AI, and we delivered big on AI at the GPU Technology Conference in Silicon Valley this week. During his keynote, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang made a host of announcements that will change how the automotive industry designs, builds and drives its cars. Chief among these was the unveiling of Volta, […]

NVIDIA: GTC 2017: NVIDIA Isaac Robot Simulator – Keynote Part 12

NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang announces the NVIDIA Isaac robot simulator, which integrates physics in super-real time, realistic graphics and AI to speed development and training for the robotics industry. This video is via NVIDIA.

St. Dominic’s Ensures A Positive User Experience

Goliath Technologies
To ensure a positive end user experience, St. Dominic’s Priory College utilized proactive Citrix XenDesktop and XenServer performance monitoring to aid in rolling out XenDesktop 7.6 and NVIDIA GRID vGPU Cards “We evaluated a number of products and we decided on the entire suite of Goliath’s products because their operating knowledge of Citrix was evident […]

NVIDIA: GTC 2017: NVIDIA Partners with Toyota – Keynote Part 11

NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang discusses how AI is revolutionizing the transportation industry, and announces Toyota will use the NVIDIA DRIVE AI car platform in its coming autonomous vehicles. He also showcases the capabilities of the Xavier processor for autonomous machines. This video is via NVIDIA.

NVIDIA: GTC 2017: NVIDIA GPU Cloud Platform – Keynote Part 10

NVIDIA CEO and founder Jensen Huang introduces the NVIDIA GPU Cloud platform to jump-start GPU-accelerated deep learning. He announces the inferencing compiler TensorRT for the TensorFlow deep learning framework. And he unveils the Tesla V100 for hyperscale inferencing. This video is via NVIDIA.

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