Home Consumerization of IT Table of Contents: How to Install and Configure Managed Virtual Machines on Macs!

Table of Contents: How to Install and Configure Managed Virtual Machines on Macs!


Yesterday I released my new book titled, How To: BYOD Project Volume 1! It focuses on everything you need to know to install and configure Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac and the backend component, Citrix XenClient Enterprise 5.1.1 (released last week!)  I also added how to install Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V for use with the Synchronizer. All step-by-step! Easy as 1,2,3 but detailed!  As I like to say, 350 pages of pure fun!

You can also use this document to install the XenClient Engine! 

Today I wanted to share with you the table of contents! 

If you have already downloaded, thanks!  Please let me know what you think and share the knowlesge with your friends!  All free! 

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How To: BYOD Project Volume 1 – How to Install Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac and XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer 5.1.1

Table of Contents: 



1.         BYOD Overview   


2.         Implementation Overview  

3.         Citrix Desktop Player with Citrix Synchronizer Overview            

4.         Prepare for Installation        

4. 1.     Required Software    

4. 2.     Required Licenses     

4. 3.     Required Network & Machine Settings      

4. 3. 1  Citrix Synchronizer (Physical Installation) Network & Machine Settings           

4. 3. 2  Citrix Synchronizer (Virtual Appliance) Network & Machine Settings   

4. 4.     Required Central Citrix Synchronizer System Settings    

4. 6.     Required Remote Citrix Synchronizer System Settings (Optional)         

4. 7.     Required Administrator, User, and Group Accounts         

4. 8.     Required Firewall Ports       

5.         Install Citrix XenClient Synchronizer Server         

5. 1.     Citrix Synchronizer Prerequisites & Requirements          

5. 2.     Install Citrix Synchronizer on Hyper-V 2012 R2 Host Server      

5. 2. 1  How to Install Windows Server 2012 R2   

5. 2. 2  How to Verify and Set the Windows Date, Time and Time Zone 

5. 2. 3  How to Configure NIC(s) and Network Settings    

5. 2. 4  How To Configure Hostname and Domain Membership  

5. 2. 5  Login with Synchronizer Service Account  

5. 2. 6  How to Disable Enhanced Internet Explorer Security      

5. 2. 7  How to Enable Remote Desktop      

5. 2. 8  How to Install Hyper-V Role with .NET 3.5 

5. 2. 9  How to Configure and Install Windows Updates  

5. 2. 10           How to Configure a Virtual Switch for Citrix Synchronizer Traffic          

5. 2. 11           How to Open Required Ports on the Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Firewall       

5. 2. 12           How to Install the Citrix Synchronizer on the Hyper-V Host         

5. 3.     Install Citrix Synchronizer as Virtual Appliance    

5. 3. 1  Procure or Install Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V Host         

Create Citrix Synchronizer Required Virtual Switch on Existing Hyper-V Server         

Install Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V 

5. 3. 2  How to Create Citrix Synchronizer Virtual Appliance       

How to Configure Time and Date    

How to Configure Network Settings on Synchronizer Virtual Machine  

How to Configure Hostname and Domain Membership   

How to Login with Citrix Synchronizer Service Account   

How to Enable Remote Desktop      

How to Disable Enhanced Internet Explorer Security      

How to Install .NET Framework 3.5 Feature          

How to Configure and Install Windows Updates  

How to Add Computer Account to Local Administrator Group    

How to Install the Citrix Synchronizer Software in a Virtual Machine    

How to Open Required Ports on Synchronizer’s Windows Server 2012 R2 Firewall   

5. 4.     Configure Synchronizer for First Use         

5. 4. 1  How to Enable Active Directory (AD) Integration (Optional)      

5. 4. 2  How to Create Local Users (Optional)        

5. 4. 3  How to Create Local Groups (Optional)      

5. 4. 4  How to Add ISOs to Synchronizer Software Library         

5. 5.     Policies           

5. 5. 1  Engine Polices Explained     

Activity Center           


5. 5. 2  Synchronizer Polices Explained      

5. 5. 3  Virtual Machine Polices Explained  

Backup Policy            

Expiration Policy       

Lockout Policy            

OS Profile Policy        

Snapback Policy        

USB Filter Policy        

Windows Settings Policy      

5. 5. 4  How to Create a New Policy 

5. 5. 5  How to Edit a Policy  

5. 5. 6  How to Assign Polices to Virtual Machines 

5. 5. 7  How to Apply Policies to Users/Groups      

5. 5. 8  How to Delete a Policy          

5. 6.     Create Virtual Machines       

5. 6. 1  How to Create a Virtual Machine    

5. 6. 2  How to Prepare a Windows 7 Base Image 

5. 6. 3  How to Publish Virtual Machines    

5. 6. 4  How to Assign Users and Groups to Virtual Machines      

5. 7.     Install Citrix Synchronizer / Client Licensing        

5. 8.     Install Citrix Synchronizer Remote Server(s)        

5. 8. 1  How to Install and Configure Citrix Synchronizer Remote Servers         

5. 8. 2  How to Configure Citrix Synchronizer Server Aliases       

5. 8. 3  Open Required Network Ports for Remote Synchronizer Communications     

6.         Install Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac Client            

6. 1.     Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac Prerequisites & Requirements      

6. 1. 1  How to Configure OS X Gatekeeper for DesktopPlayer for Mac  

6. 1. 2  How to Enable Local Administrator User Rights    

6. 1. 3  How to Disable Separate Spaces for Desktops (OS X 10.9 Only) 

6. 2.     Install Desktop Player for Mac Client         

User Training 

1.         User Training Overview       

2.         Citrix DesktopPlayer for Mac User Training         

2. 1.     How to Register with the Citrix Synchronizer        

2. 2.     How to Monitor Virtual Machines Status    

2. 3.     How to Start and Stop Virtual Machines    

2. 4.     How to Enable USB Devices 

2. 5.     How to Assign DesktopPlayer to a Specific OS X Desktop 

2. 6.     How to View and Edit DesktopPlayer Properties  

Citrix Synchronizer Administration            

1.         Citrix Synchronizer Administration Overview       

2.         Citrix Synchronizer Server Maintenance   

2. 1.     How to Upgrade a Citrix Synchronizer       

2. 2.     How to Backup the Citrix Synchronizer Server     

3.         Virtual Machine Maintenance         

3. 1.     How to Modify an Existing Virtual Machine           

3. 2.     How to Clone a Virtual Machine      

3. 3.     How to Delete a Virtual Machines   

4.         Virtual Machine Backup and Recovery       

4. 1.     How to Configure Virtual Machines Backups         

4. 2.     How to Manually Backup a DesktopPlayer for Mac Virtual Machine      

4. 3.     How to Analyze Virtual Machine Backups  

4. 4.     How to Restore a Virtual Machine from a Restore Point  

4. 5.     How to Restore Latest Virtual Machine Backup     

4. 6.     How to Reset Backups          

4. 7.     How to Restore Individual File(s) from a Virtual Machine Backup         

4. 8.     How to Configure the Daily Backup Roll Up Feature        

Additional Resources 

As you can tell, there is a lot of detail and all soup-to-nuts!  Hope you like it! 

Download NOW!


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