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steadyPRINT Releases v7.0.1


steadyPRINT Features, additions, modifications and bug fixes in version 7.0.1


Features Description
steadyPRINT Client: Reading out MAC addresses Now, the Agent is also reading out the client’s MAC addresses. This function is limited to workstation- and VMware client sessions.
steadyPRINT: Assignment to MAC addresses steadyPRINT is now able to make an assginment based on a MAC address. Important: The assignment type is only available for workstation- and VMware client sessions.
steadyPRINT Center: Provision of known OIDs The Center now automatically provides known OIDs for printers via download. This avoids time-consuming searching for OIDs in order to integrate them into monitoring.
steadyPRINT Center: Import and export of OIDs for monitoring The Center now provides options for importing and exporting OIDs.
steadyPRINT Center: Folding in and out the tree zones The Center now includes the function to fold in and out individual tree zones.
steadyPRINT Agent: Creation of diagnostics package The new Agent is now able to create a diagnostics package for the administrator and/or the support. The administrator can create this package out of the Center and have it uploaded via a remote connection.


Additions Description
steadyPRINT Center: Expansion of the import function The import function now offers the possibility to import IP address areas.
steadyPRINT Center: Cluster migration The integrated replication of the Center has been adjusted so that now a print server cluster migration is possible.
steadyPRINT IntegratedClient: Expansions The integrated client has been supplemented by useful functions, e.g. a filter for printers and the opening of the print queue.
steadyPRINT Agent: Expansions The usability of the new Agent has been improved.
steadyPRINT: Differentiation of modified user or admin assignments The Center now displays whether a user assignments was created by the user via the Agent or by the administrator via the Center.
steadyPRINT: Additional property for IP areas Apart from the normal description, the IP areas now have an additional description.
steadyPRINT VPD: Passing through location and comment in printer installation steadyPRINT VPD now offers the option to loop through the location and comment even for vName printers.


Modificaitons Description
steadyPRINT Center: Adjustment of cost report The reports for printing costs have been adjusted in order to guarantee a better readybility.
steadyPRINT VPD: Adjustment of the status report for printing via VPD Improvement of the usability for the optional status report when printing via VPD.
steadyPRINT vFlow: Interface modifications Some adjustments to improve the usability have been implemented.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes Description
steadyPRINT VPD: vName – in rare cases, print job is not printed Due to a double access to a configuration file, it could happen in rare cases that a print job was not processes at the client. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Agent: Subsequently adjusted background color no longer taken over in integrated Agent A subsequently adjusted background color in the integrated Agent is no longer taken over. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Agent: No display of main window when opening the Agent on the second attempt The main window was not displayed when opening the Agent on the second attempt. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Agent: Change of session is not detected when using VMware View Client When the VMware View Client session is taken over, the printers are not updated. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Agent: Client name detection for XenDesktop not always correct The client name detection for XenDesktop is not always correct. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Agent: Own Agent profile is not determined at the first start The administrator has created various Agent profiles and stored the respective users in the Center. If now an Agent is added that has never been connected to the database before (user with empty AppData), he/she will use the default profile and not the stored profile at the first start. This problem has been fixed.
steadyPRINT Center: Reading print servers with more than 4000 printers is partly not possible Importing a print server with more than 4000 printers is partly not possible. When calling the interface function EnumPrinters of the Microsoft Spooler-API, it runs into a deadlock and does not return. Even the function in .NET Framework provided by Microsoft is not able to run this process correctly. A fallback within steadyPRINT is now reading the printers via the Windows registration in order to guarantee the import of the print server including its printers.

Read the entire article here, Release Notes steadyPRINT 7.0.1

Via the fine folks at steadyPRINT

steadyPRINT steadyPRINT is a software-based solution for the management of printer connections, the monitoring of printing environments as well as the reliability of print servers. No matter whether user works with workstations, Thin Clients or terminal server environments, user require neither additional hardware, nor licenses.

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