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Software-Defined Cloud NAS/SAN for AWS EBS

Software-Defined Cloud NAS/SAN for AWS EBS

SoftNAS Cloud® Enterprise and SoftNAS Cloud® Essentials for AWS extend the native storage capabilities of AWS and feature the POSIX-compliant and required storage access protocols needed to create a virtual cloud NAS, without having to re-engineer existing customer applications. SoftNAS Cloud products allow customers to migrate existing applications and data to AWS with NFS, CIFS/SMB, iSCSI or AFP support. Customers gain the performance, data protection and flexibility needed to move to the cloud cost effectively and ensure successful project outcomes (e.g., snapshots, rapid recovery, mirroring, cloning, high availability, deduplication and compression). Each customer’s journey to the cloud is unique and SoftNAS solutions are designed to facilitate adopting cloud projects according to what makes the most immediate business sense, resulting in the highest return on invested resources (budget, people, time). Whether your need is to consolidate file servers globally, utilize the cloud for data archival or backup, migrate SaaS and other business applications, or carry out Big Data or IoT projects, SoftNAS products on AWS deliver effective, tangible results.

When to use SoftNAS Cloud versus Amazon EFS?

SoftNAS Cloud is a best-in-class software-defined, virtual, unified Cloud NAS/SAN storage solution for businesses that need control of their data as well as frictionless and agile access to AWS cloud storage. SoftNAS Cloud supports AWS EBS and S3 Object storage;  SoftNAS Cloud is deployed by thousands of organizations worldwide, supporting a wide array of application and workload use cases. Amazon EFS provides basic and scalable file-based NFS access for use with Amazon EC2 instances in the AWS Cloud. As a basic NFS filer, Amazon EFS is easy to use, allowing quick and simple creation and configuration of file systems. The multi-tenant architecture of EFS accommodates elastic growth and scales up and down for AWS customers that require basic cloud file services.

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SoftNAS, LLC is a leading storage software company that provides Simply Powerful agile storage software that protects mission-critical and business-critical data in the cloud. SoftNAS believes that storage can be both powerful and frictionless, providing customers with the enterprise-grade NAS storage capabilities required to safely and reliably operate mission-critical IT systems and applications in the cloud. SoftNAS supports the most popular cloud computing platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and VMware.

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