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Softricity SoftGrid for SMS off to a Great Start!


A few weeks ago, I wrote about Softricity’s SMS Announcement and what it really means for the Application Virtualization Market.  In the following Softricity press release, we learn Softricity and Microsoft are already having success together.  As you know, I find application virtualization to be very important and a “true problem solving” solution.  I will write a small “blog style” post about this announcement in a few.  I’m really excited about this solution.  I’m also very excited about the upcoming 4.0 release of SoftGrid.  I will defiantly let you know all about it as I’m able.   

Purdue Pharma Selects Softricity’s SoftGrid for Microsoft SMS Desktop Application Virtualization Solution

BOSTON — April 3, 2006 — Softricity to Help Simplify FDA Validation Process, Accelerate Application Deployment and Patching, Integrate Virtualization with Microsoft SMS

Softricity(R) today announced that Purdue Pharma L.P., a leading global manufacturer of prescription and non-prescription products for more than 50 years, has selected the Softricity Desktop application virtualization platform to help streamline and expedite critical FDA validation and application management processes, and reduce the cost of its terminal server environment.

Purdue is dedicated to serving the evolving needs of healthcare providers, patients, and caregivers with innovative medicines. Like most enterprise IT departments, it had to spend significant time and resources managing application deployment and support, and validating changes to the dozens of applications that impact product-related data. It wanted a faster, more cost-effective and consistent way to handle these critical functions.

“Like most organizations, we have a complex application environment and really wanted to think out-of-the-box in order to simplify it and support our evolving business,” said Tichard Thompson, Senior Architect, Purdue Pharma. “Softricity can help us accomplish this in ways that just haven’t been possible with other technologies on the market. I can already see that the impact on our operations will be significant. Deployments can be done in a few hours instead of weeks. Validation – and patching of validated applications — is radically streamlined, and we expect to cut the number of terminal servers we use in half.”

Purdue Pharma’s infrastructure comprises 1500 desktops as well as a large terminal services server environment. With the Softricity Desktop, they can easily manage the entire environment. In addition, Purdue Pharma plans to implement Softricity’s new SoftGrid for Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) product into its existing SMS solution, which will enable them to use Softricity’s application virtualization and on-demand streaming technologies within the SMS management console.

The Softricity Desktop platform changes Windows applications from products that must be installed locally into virtual network services that are centrally managed and deployed on-demand–without any recoding–to any desktop, server or laptop. Softricity’s streaming technology instantly sends only the code needed to run applications to the client machine, and its patented application virtualization technology enables these applications to run in a protected “sandbox” environment without installation or alteration to the host operating system, and without conflicting with any other applications. This eliminates the possibility of application conflicts and the need for time-consuming regression testing previously required prior to deployment of new applications, upgrades and patches.

Purdue Pharma expects to realize significant benefits from the Softricity Desktop, including:

  • Accelerate validation: Any changes to product-related applications must be validated to ensure consistency and reliability. In the past, each stage in application and patch deployment–such as adding terminal servers, desktops, staging, development production and business continuity efforts–had to be validated. With Softricity’s unique technology, only the initial deployment of the application must be validated since subsequent changes to the infrastructure have no impact on application or data integrity. In addition, Purdue Pharma no longer needs to test updated applications in a variety of validated test environments, eliminating time-intensive steps. “Once we virtualize validated applications, we no longer have to spend time validating changes. This is a huge benefit,” said Thompson.

  • Accelerate application deployment and patching: Deploying new and updated applications and patches is not a simple task in any environment. Having multiple versions of operating systems requires full regression testing in each environment. IT had to spend hours or days troubleshooting the individual issues. With Softricity, Purdue Pharma only has to update the application or patch on one server and it is automatically updated on the clients the next time the user logs on. There is no chance of failure. Using SoftGrid for SMS, Purdue Pharma will be able to use its existing SMS infrastructure to deploy virtualized applications and patches. Whereas deployments and patches often took weeks in the past, with Softricity it can be reduced to hours. 

  • Simplify application patching: Like many IT teams, Purdue Pharma’s IT staff had been in a perpetual state of patching due to continual updates in vendor software packages. In addition to regular regression testing, any patches to validated software had to go through the entire validation process. With Softricity, because patches won’t alter any other applications or the OS, they no longer need to regression test them or go through multiple validation steps, vastly simplifying the process. 

  • Consolidate servers, reduce costs: Although Purdue Pharma purchased Softricity for its desktop environment, it is also planning to use Softricity to simplify and consolidate its terminal server farm. By eliminating the need to silo servers to avoid apps conflicting with each other (with Softricity’s virtualization, any application can run on any server), Purdue Pharma expects to increase utilization on each server, resulting in the ability to cut its 90 servers in half while still supporting the same number of end-users. In addition to reducing management costs, this server consolidation will save money on physical hardware, power and cooling costs, and rack space.
“Purdue Pharma is an excellent example of how a customer can easily integrate Softricity’s virtualization and streaming into their existing SMS environment,” said Art Matin, CEO, Softricity. “We’re extremely pleased they are relying on the combined technologies of Softricity and Microsoft to optimize software management and accelerate the critical processes necessary for validation compliance.”

About Softricity

Softricity is the only virtualization company to deliver software that is never installed, yet securely follows users anywhere, on demand, enabling high productivity while dramatically reducing IT costs. The Softricity Desktop, powered by the SoftGrid(R) Platform & Softricity ZeroTouch, employs the company’s patented application virtualization, intelligent on-demand streaming and policy-based management technologies. Global customers include AIG, Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas City, Northeastern University, Prudential, Raytheon, Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH and Suncor Energy. Softricity is a partner with Microsoft (Gold Certified), HP, IBM, and VMware. For more information visit www.softricity.com

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