I just discovered “CAST, the smart entertainment hub that wants to make TV social“. It’s a pretty cool idea, even though we could argue if we are not already overwhelmed with information and now we are adding chat to our TV programs. However, I caught myself chatting with a friend on Whatsapp while we were watching the same show in different places. When both persons are alone at home or simply watch at a distance it is a nice way to exchange ideas about the just seen. Thus, I think it is a good idea!

Also, not everybody has every program and this way you can share your movie streaming service with all your friends. All you need is the CAST hub – but check it out yourself and watch the video in the article.

The project is still in kickstarter phase and the CAST is supposed to be launched in September 2016. You can still back them and also get the product at 200$ less than the price at market release.

What do you think? Would you use it? I can’t wait to…