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Security - relating to virtualization, network, mobile, containers, Microsoft, Citrix, VMware and many more security news and support resources.

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    IGEL to Demonstrate Unified Endpoint Management Software at HIMSS 2017

    Providing a simple, smart and secure endpoint experience for healthcare professionals, IGEL addresses compliance and privacy concerns for hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities around the globe IGEL Technology, today announced that it will be demonstrating its powerful unified endpoint management software (UEM), IGEL™ OS-powered thin clients, zero clients and all-in-one thin client solutions during […]


      Defining your IoT strategy – first things first!

      Are you, or is your company thinking about offering IoT services to its/your customers? If so, you (or they) have probably noticed that there is a lot to think about and that it goes way beyond the technology and/or tools involved. For most organisations, it requires a different mindset and a curtain degree of resourcefulness as well […]

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          Load Balancing For Security?

          Load Balancing (LB), is now popping up on the corporate security agenda! LB is no longer just about managing traffic flows across enterprise routers and servers. In the age of the cloud and software defined networking (SDN), the LB off-loading function has serious possibilities for deflecting DDOS attacks by shifting attack traffic from the corporate […]

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            Challenges of Using The Cloud for Primary Data and How to Fix Them – Analyst Report

            Independent Analysis of Storage and Data Protection “Storing everything on site has data protection challenges. Storing everything in a typical cloud storage provider has performance challenges. The hybrid storage model is not perfect either, the main challenges being sizing the appliance and the bandwidth. The idea of a CDN for storage presents an interesting alternative […]

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              Download Wayk Now – Instant Remote Support and Remote Desktop – FREE!

              Instant Remote Support and Remote Desktop Wayk Now lets you take control of a remote computer, or allow an authorized user to take control of your computer. Wayk Now is free for personal use and currently available on Windows, Max OS X and Linux. Remote Control – Take control of a remote computer, or allow someone […]

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                  Secure Follow Me Printing with the vPad Pro – Video

                  Queue or security breaches at the printer? Learn how deploying a follow me printing solution can easily solve your problems. Learn more at: https://www.uniprint.net This video is from the fine folks at UniPrint.net

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