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Rick Dehlinger Leaves Citrix, Joins Microsoft.


Today is Rick Dehlinger’s last day at Citrix, as he is leaving to join Microsoft Corp.  Before the days of DABCC.com, BrianMadden.com, and a slew of other Citrix sites and communities, there was a single guy that in his spare time, created “the” community.  Rick is known by many of us Citrix engineers as the grandfather of the community, and the founder of the cult.  But to me, he has always been a mentor and a friend. 

Rick’s contributions to the Citrix community dates way back to 1999, when he created the very first Citrix eGroup (CitrixNW) that he used to distribute his vast knowledge around Server-Based Computing.   Rick not only contributed technical tidbits, but he authored the very first and only, “MetaFrame Tuning Tips Guide” that steered us all in the right direction when deploying MetaFrame.   But that was not it…  

Rick would see a problem and create a solution.  If you remember back to the days of early NFuse, you might remember that it was not so user friendly, and you really needed to be a web developer to make it work the way you needed.  But not when Rick got done with it.  He spearheaded the creation of Project Columbia, a pre-canned NFuse web site that was completely configurable through a simple text file.   This project changed NFuse for the good and today’s Web Interface is just now to where Rick had it in 2000 and 2001.  

Once he finished with making NFuse easy to use and easy to deploy, he set his eyes on spreading his knowledge and growing the community through a more verbose web site called, “TweakCitrix.com”.    Before Rick was forced to take the site offline in late 2003, it was the one site known by everyone as the place to find the best tech info.  

You would think at this point Rick would call it quits but no.  He spearheaded NFuse support for RSA Secure ID with his next work of art called, Project Willamette.   Project Willamette was just like Project Columbia, but through a few simple steps, we had the first built in support for SecureID. 

I remember the days when Rick would hold the most killer presentations at iForum and Solution Summit, where he would always release some amazing idea on us.  Did you know Rick was one of the first to embrace VMware at Citrix?     I will never forget when the lights went down and Rick would walk in to his presentation.  The room would be packed full, and nobody would say a word as we where all waiting for the gospel of Rick D.  I must admit, I miss those days, and if you remember them, then I bet you do too.

Those were only just some of the many things you might know about Rick, but for me, he has been a mentor.  It was Rick who delivered my resume to Arlo, and in return started my career at Citrix.   When I started at Citrix, I wanted to be Rick Dehlinger.  I wanted to help the community the way he did, and if you look at the things I have done, they are all just a feeble attempt to follow in the footsteps of “the man”, Rick D!     I, for one, am forever in Rick’s debt, and if you look at your life and your career, and the free tools, and community you have today, then you can thank one man, the man who started it all and that is my buddy, Rick Dehlinger. 

That being said, I personally want to say “Thank you” to Rick, and let him know that the Citrix community is forever in his debt and he will be missed at Citrix and by guys like me that enjoyed the work he did for over 6 years as a Citrix Engineer. 

In the words of Chas Setchell, a consultant specializing in Citrix technologies for over eight years, “Rick was always as source of cutting edge information, that’s for sure; He always was a helping hand!”   That sort of sums it up.

Knowing Rick though, I must admit I’m now more excited than ever as I can’t wait to see what he does now.   From talking to him, I think this new position has stirred up some of those creative juices so I can only imagine we will all be hearing from Ricky D. soon enough.  

Thank you, Rick Dehlinger!

P.S.  I’m going to be holding a Q&A with Rick next week so if you have any questions or comments for Rick then please post them below.

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