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Remediating Storms in a Troubled Cloud Infrastructure

Remediating Storms in a Troubled Cloud Infrastructure


Imagine this…

It’s an uneventful day in the cloud-ops control room as the air-conditioned data center hums along nearby, hard drives spinning, power supply fans whirring, and rack-mounted system status lights shining green. Despite the peaceful scene, some component in your converged environment breaks down. You know it as soon as the first call from the service desk comes in — a complaint about a slow virtual desktop. You tell yourself that it’s probably just one user, but then another call comes in…and then another.

Soon, the problem balloons as the DevOps team lead walks in asking why his apps are down.

You’ve just witnessed a growing storm in your virtual IT environment, an event that could be compute-, storage-, network-, memory-or cloud-related, or any combination of interactions across conventional silos. Worse still, for the immediate future, you don’t
have a way to pinpoint the root cause of the problem.

A production-level virtual environment is a complex mix of components and services. When orchestrated correctly, these virtual assets keep your business running. Under the hood, your cloud infrastructure is supported by physical and virtual servers, client
endpoints, flash and disk arrays, and a network that glues it all together. It’s a complex, dynamic collection of resources, both physical and logical, that challenges traditional management and maintenance techniques when left isolated.

The only way for enterprises to guard against and remedy hybrid-cloud and virtualized IT environment problems, such as resource contention storms, is with tools specifically designed to monitor infrastructure conditions from edge to core. The Xangati
ESP virtual appliance provides an architecture umbrella of insight, analysis, and intelligence. The platform illuminates key performance metrics relative to the compute processes, network components, and applications fueling your organization’s
virtualized environment.

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Xangati Xangati is a leading provider of app-aware infrastructure intelligence for enterprises and service providers operating in virtualized data centers and hybrid cloud environments. Over 300 customers among enterprises, government agencies, healthcare organizations, educational systems and cloud providers use Xangati’s solutions to gain unprecedented continuous performance intelligence on their applications, VDI and VI environments. Xangati’s solutions, built on patented technology, proactively track the health of key IT metrics that impact the performance of applications and users, accurately diagnose the cause of any performance bottleneck, and recommend remedial action when a bottleneck is discovered. Organizations like eBay, Comcast, British Gas, Guess, Colliers International, Univita Health, DTCC, Harvard University and the U.S. Army use the Xangati Product Suite with its massively scalable live and continuous recording ability to ensure that their critical applications perform at optimal levels. Xangati is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

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