Home Data Center Plainedge Union Free School District IT team meets all objectives with high availability and high throughput

Plainedge Union Free School District IT team meets all objectives with high availability and high throughput

Plainedge Union Free School District IT team meets all objectives with high availability and high throughput

In our recent customer success story covering the education vertical, Colby Sawyer College Delivers Continuous Data Availability with DataCore Software, we touched on how system downtime from storage-related bottlenecks shouldn’t put a damper on students’ education.

However, some educational institutions are struggling to not let their IT problems interfere with shaping the minds of our youth, and you’ll see how this also applies to the following K-12 Public School system scenario.

The Plainedge Union Free School District, or Plainedge, is located in North Massapequa in Long Island, New York. Plainedge is a K-12 public school systemcomprised of five schools with approximately 700 employees and 3,000 students.

Plainedge is like most school districts in that it is facing shrinking budgets. It also needs to reduce the complexity of its IT infrastructure. The schools within Plainedge UFSD have everything from interactive projectors, to wireless document cameras, to tablets. And the district has a large “1-to-1” initiative, whereby all students in grades 4-10 currently take home an iPad.

In the past, before Plainedge virtualized, every year they had to reimage thousands of PC’s – and even with antivirus software running, the PC’s would get corrupted, icons would disappear, hard drives would fail, updates would not install properly, and there was always something to do to get the PC back to a functional state. PC’s would run slowly and take forever to log-in. They wouldn’t last very long. So IT was constantly dispatching people and using up manpower to solve issues with the desktops. Not only was

this inefficient and costly from an operational standpoint, but it was far from delivering a positive experience to its users. According to Dr. Guy J. Le Vaillant, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources & Instructional Technology, “teachers and students today just want technology to work and they expect it to work 24 hours a day and seven days a week, In fact, our goal is that IT resources should be like running water to the endpoint user – it should just be available when they need it, always on and reliable.”

Read the entire article here, Plainedge Union Free School District IT team meets all objectives with high availability and high throughput

Via the fine folks at DataCore Software.

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