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AWS re:invent 2017 Video: GPS: Image management Best Practices for Amazon WorkSpaces

Amazon Web Services

Desktop and Application Streaming solutions provide the “last mile” between users and their applications and data. In this session, we will review the elements and benefits of the layered desktop image, application dependencies, and lifecycle management of desktops. Liquidware Labs, a APN partner, will showcase their toolset that helps customers deploy on AWS with ease. […]

Citrix: A New Option to Protect Your Workspace: In-session Watermark

Citrix Systems

We enforce security from the enterprise boundaries to every individual end point device. We design layered secure zones to prevent information leakage. We are armed to the teeth, protecting every bit of our information. But is that enough? Even a small leak could sink a great ship; every detail needs to be considered to foresee […]

deviceTRUST – Use Case (Microsoft AppLocker for device based Licensing) Video


In this use case video we show how to make a device-based licensed application (e. g. Microsoft Visio) available in accordance with the license agreement within remote sessions. The unique serial number of the endoint is used to control the Microsoft AppLocker configuration, which in turn allows or prohibits the application licensed to the endpoint. […]

deviceTRUST – Use Case (Wi-Fi roaming based default printer) Video


In this use case video, we show how the default remote user session printer is automatically selected depending on the Wi-Fi access point connected to the endpoint. This video is from the fine folks at deviceTRUST.

The Journey to 150,000 Containers at PayPal


PayPal is committed to democratizing financial services and empowering people and businesses to join and thrive in the global economy. Their open digital payments platform gives 218 million active account holders the confidence to connect and transact in new and powerful ways. To achieve this, PayPal has built a global presence that must be highly […]

Lakeside and IGEL Partner to Help Simplify Virtualized Endpoint Management

Lakeside Software

Ease of endpoint management vs. end-user satisfaction is a classic IT tradeoff. Modern users demand flexible workspaces but meeting those expectations can be a real challenge given the complexity of managing an environment rich with a variety of devices and software. How can you pivot your management strategy to create a win-win situation for users […]

Citrix XenApp Essentials – Part 2

Citrix Systems

“XenApp Essentials, The Revenge: Return of the Kireeti.” It’s not all that uncommon that a sequel turns out better than the original. For example, “The God Father II”, “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”… or my second marriage (RIMSHOT!) So, it is — with the fanfare, pomp and circumstance of these great […]

The Power of ScaleIO – Forrester Total Economy Impact Study


Save $88.2M in costs – Check. 140,000 hours of developer productivity saved – Check. 20 million+ IOPS – Check. 5X improvement in deployment time – Check. Data migration – Every 25 Years…Check! Dell EMC commissioned Forrester to interview a large, global financial institution – a long standing Dell EMC ScaleIO customer – to create a […]

Citrix Director 7.16 Can Now Shadow Linux App & Desktop

Citrix Systems

Citrix Director is the go-to console for all XenDesktop & XenApp administrators to troubleshoot issues in real time. One of the primary troubleshooting requirements is to help users who are facing issues while using a HDX session (both applications and desktops sessions) in real time. How can administrators look at user sessions live and help […]

Bromium Emotet Banking Trojan polymorphic malware analysis


We analyzed samples containing the Emotet banking trojan and broke down the findings in a side-by-side comparison. Malware authors are repacking their malicious software into a unique executable for each potential victim, avoiding any-and-all signature-based detection. Repacked dropped executables on this scale are unprecedented, and this is why application isolation and control is so important. […]

deviceTRUST – Use Case (Location aware resources) Video


In this use case video, we show how the location of the endpoint is used within the remote session to connect site-dependent corporate resources such as network drives and printers within the remote session. This video is from the fine folks at deviceTRUST.

Where AI Is Headed: 13 Artificial Intelligence Predictions for 2018


13 predictions by researchers and experts from around the world. Publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune have all called 2017 “The Year of AI.” And with good reason. AI outperformed professional gamers and poker players in new realms. Access to deep learning education expanded through various online programs. The speech recognition accuracy record was broken multiple […]

AWS re:Invent 2017 Keynote Video: Werner Vogels – featuring Alexa for Business, AWS Cloud9, AWS Lambda, and Serverless App Repository

Amazon Web Services

Watch Werner Vogels deliver his AWS re:Invent 2017 keynote, featuring the launch of Alexa for Business, AWS Cloud9, new AWS Lambda features, and Serverless App Repository. Learn more about AWS at http://amzn.to/2By1eKN. This video is from the fine folks at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Citrix Director Supports Domain local groups in XenApp & XenDesktop 7.16!

Citrix Systems

Finally, the much awaited support of Citrix Director for multi-forest infrastructures with a one way trust that uses domain local groups to hold users and user-groups is out. This facilitates CSP administrators to troubleshoot users belonging to a tenant forest while still using domain local groups to hold the tenant user or user-group records. Infrastructure: […]

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