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Creating a SaaS/Web Governance Framework for Your Enterprise – Video

Citrix Systems

Steve Wilson, VP, Products for Cloud & IoT and Chris Fleck, VP & Technical Fellow at Citrix, take a look at the messy real world of cloud transformation and how the Citrix Secure Digital Workspace, including the Citrix Workspace app and more, can help you make the move to a cloud- and SaaS-based world clean […]

Top Insights Dashboard – Where IT all happens – Video


ControlUp’s Top Insights Dashboard is an interactive IT Dashboard showing your KPIs, lots of interesting stats about your IT Infrastructure and unique data findings brought to you by the ControlUp Virtual Expert. This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp.

How To Manage and Monitor Nutanix AHV With ControlUp


ControlUp has always prided itself in being an agnostic and universal system, allowing IT admins to manage and monitor their various workloads and IT Infrastructure elements, regardless of their manufacturer – making room for Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and now – Nutanix. So alongside your VMware vCenter, XenServer and Hyper-V, you can now also see and […]

StorMagic SvSAN: Edge Appliance for Citrix Cloud Services – Podcast Episode 312


In episode 312, Douglas Brown interviews Lee Bushen, Partner Enablement Manager at StorMagic and Chris Edwards, Technical Marketing Lead for Citrix Ready. Lee, Chris, and Douglas discuss the StorMagic’s SvSAN edge appliance for Citrix Cloud Services.  Lee dives into how it works, the problems they solve, why we should care and much more. Download the MP3 […]

Single Metric Trigger: Precise Alerts and Notifications In ControlUp – Video


Find out how the advanced trigger or single metric trigger allows you to get super-focused notifications about any event in your IT Infrastructure – now based off a single metric of your choice. This video is from the fine folks at ControlUp.

Amazon WorkSpaces – Double-Hop support Video


To meet the corporate regulatory requirements, some business applications are not allowed to be installed on Amazon WorkSpaces, only on the on-premise environment. To access these business applications, users need to connect from within Amazon WorkSpaces back to the on-premise environment. To meet this requirement, the context of the users’ endpoint needs to be available […]

Goliath Technologies Cerner Troubleshooting – Video

Goliath Technologies

Goliath Performance Monitor for hospitals using Cerner is purpose-built to proactively anticipate, troubleshoot and prevent issues with the entire on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure used to deliver mission-critical applications including Cerner. This video is from the fine folks at Goliath Technologies.

Desktop transformation: the end of the monolithic enterprise desktop


In our shiny new digital world there is no place for the old monolithic desktops of the past. To be successful in their digital transformation, organisations should transform their enterprise desktops first. While server workloads are well managed and well architected, however, the same cannot be said for desktops. Instead we more frequently see situations […]

Simplify Troubleshooting your IT Healthcare Virtual Architecture with Goliath Technologies

Goliath Technologies

Virtual architecture is complex to standup and deploy, and when it comes to the ability of your support team to fix an issue it needs to be done fast and when possible – proactively.  This is extremely important from the business user perspective in all organizations, but even more importantly in healthcare where there is […]

Why End-Points Matter – A Deep Conversation with IGEL’s Tech Guru Jeff Kalberg – Podcast Episode 311

IGEL Technology

In episode 311, Douglas Brown interviews Jeff Kalberg, Technology Evangelist at IGEL Technology. Jeff and Douglas dive deep into the world of secure end-points, aka Thin Clients. Jeff does a fantastic job detailing his views on today’s EUC market and how the end-point has changed over the years, why today, more than ever, a secure […]

Elastic vs. RedShift vs. Chaos Sumo

Chaos Sumo

Along with cost and feature set, performance is always a common decision metric among prospective users choosing between log analytics solutions. Those who have used Elasticsearch want to maintain the snappy response times for text search requests. Others using relational databases or data warehouses are concerned with how those relational-type queries perform within a non-relational […]

What the Heck is a Unikernel?


Virtual machines, containers, and unikernels. What are the differences? What is a unikernel anyways? While virtual machines and containers get tossed around a lot in IT circles a new term has started entering the vernacular – unikernels – but what are they? Unikernels are a method of deploying software. They contain a given software application […]

Remote Desktop Manager 32-bit or 64-bit?


Some questions in life are hard to answer, like: would you rather step on a piece of Lego barefoot every day for a week or get a single paper cut between your toes? (Don’t worry, there’s a cure.) Or in a battle between Deadpool and…actually, forget that. Deadpool would always win! But other questions are easy […]

SQL Server Backup Strategy


Microsoft SQL Server is often one of the most critical applications in an organization, with too many uses to count. Due to its criticality, your SQL Server and its data should be thoroughly protected. Business operations rely on a core component like Microsoft SQL Server to manage databases and data. The importance of backing up […]

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