Home Applications Our journey with devices.. what will the future bring us, what will our workplace be?

Our journey with devices.. what will the future bring us, what will our workplace be?

Our journey with devices.. what will the future bring us, what will our workplace be?

I remember the time that I walked around in Finland and wondered about the sheer numbers of mobile phones. That was in during the ’90s when over here not many people had a mobile phone at all. People growing up in this age think mobiles always been here, my kids are no different. As I had a youth with no mobile, got my first mobile in the 90s in one of my first jobs, worked and had several devices I thought an article about the past, the present and the future would be interesting.

The 90s, where it all startedAny article about the future should include a look in history. Without understanding history we are bound to make the same mistakes again. I started in IT in ’93 and my second job included a lot of travelling so I got my first mobile. My first mobile was a Greenhopper 500 and I was able to make a phone call at gas stations, busstations and some spots on the road. At that time calling in the car was not forbidden so when you saw the connection was there you frantically called planning at the office to get an update before the signal dropped. It was a system introduced to be an alternative for the expensive carphones.

The system had 60000 active users at it’s hight and it stopped in 1999.

Mobility arrivesMeeting my wife in 1990 and travelling to Finland in the 90s (she is Finnish) was a revelation back then. Lots of people there walked around with mobiles and seemed to be calling without being stuck to a spot. I remember being amazed by that, we didn’t have that back home then. Of course that changed pretty soon with the Nokia flooding the market here.

Both the Nokia 5510 and the 3210 where pretty damn good phones back then. Of course we didn’t really have any apps but we were mobile.

From local deployment to …Around the same time mobiles became more popular another way of working was introduced. Citrix introduced the ability to work from any device, any time, anywhere   with an application not running locally. Before that (not talking about mainframes here) working in the office was done with locally installed applications and little flexibility.

Read the entire article here, Our journey with devices.. what will the future bring us, what will our workplace be? –

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RobBeekmans.NET by Rob Beekmans

Rob Beekmans is a 26 year IT vetaran that worked in many fields in IT before he joined PQR 7 year ago. Rob is a senior consultant with a strong focus on Application and desktop delivery, User Environment Management, Mobility and monitoring. Rob is a VMware vExpert and is a member of the VMware EUC-Champions group. Rob shares his vision and insights on his personal blog, on webinars or on stage.

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