Home Data Center Nutanix: Omnichannel Retail Success Requires IT Transformation

Nutanix: Omnichannel Retail Success Requires IT Transformation

Nutanix: Omnichannel Retail Success Requires IT Transformation

Today’s consumers are tech savvy. Their shopping experiences often involves some combination of brick-and-mortar, online, mobile, social, and other channels. Retailers have made a number of advances in delivering good customer experiences in each channel. But retailers who want to build a loyal customer base need to deliver a seamless experience across all the channels for an integrated Omnichannel experience.

Retail IT is at the forefront of enabling a seamlessly enjoyable experience for customers, and the right IT infrastructure is key. Here are three aspects of Omnichannel that IT infrastructure will need to handle deftly.

Pervasive Data

No matter where customers engage with your brand, their information must be pervasive and accessible so they can switch from one channel to another, for instance from mobile to a physical store—or even from social media to your online store—without starting over. Retailers are also leveraging real time analytics to recommend new products and services to consumers based on social media activity, stated preferences, and purchasing history.

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Via the fine folks at Nutanix.


Nutanix delivers web-scale IT infrastructure to medium and large enterprises with its software-driven Virtual Computing Platform, natively converging compute and storage into a single solution to drive unprecedented simplicity in the datacenter. Customers can start with a few servers and scale to thousands, with predictable performance and economics. With a patented elastic data fabric and consumer-grade management, Nutanix is the blueprint for application-optimized and policy-driven infrastructure.

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