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Microsoft joins IC3 in advancing blockchain enterprise readiness

Microsoft joins IC3 in advancing blockchain enterprise readiness

Microsoft has just become a member of IC3, The Initiative for CryptoCurrencies & Contracts. We are excited to collaborate with this team of world class experts in cryptography, game theory, distributed systems, programming languages, and system security. Their work is aligned to five areas, which they call Grand Challenges, that form the basis of blockchain enterprise readiness: Scaling & Performance, Correctness by Design, Confidentiality, Authenticated Data Feeds, and Safety & Compliance.

When I first set foot in the IC3 office, it was sitting in a temporary office space near Chelsea Market in New York. Cavernous, unorganized, and teeming with students, it was hard to find the focus of the space. I was there for a meetup on Town Crier, being presented by Ari Juels. Having been invited by Jim Ballingall, Executive Director of IC3, I was there to come in and meet some folks, see what they are about, and do what you generally do at meetups. This was after having tried unsuccessfully to recruit Andrew Miller to join our crypto team over in Microsoft Research earlier in the year. Andrew and I had a great Skype call while I was attending Microsoft’s annual //BUILD event in San Francisco, where we would first launch the ConsenSys teams’ work to integrate the Ethereum Smart Contract language, Solidity, with Visual Studio. Note, there are now 3 Solidity extensions to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code available. Ultimately Andrew decided to stay in academia and landed at the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, coincidentally where I was born, but that’s another story.

Read the entire article here, Microsoft joins IC3 in advancing blockchain enterprise readiness | Blog

via the fine folks at Microsoft.


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