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Microsoft: Conquering the Upfront Cost Barrier to IoT

Microsoft: Conquering the Upfront Cost Barrier to IoT

According to a recent report from the International Data Center (IDC), How government organizations look at IoT, the top three roadblocks to IoT deployment are upfront costs, security, and privacy.[1]

Over 30 billion devices are estimated to be connected to the internet by 2020.[2] The Internet of Things (IoT) can offer government agencies new and innovative ways to connect to the citizens they serve.

This is why more and more government agencies are adopting IoT initiatives as part of their cloud strategy. Of those agencies that have already adopted cloud, 82% of them plan to increase cloud spending this year.[3] By folding IoT into their cloud strategy, CIOs can begin to plan for IoT costs up front.

IoT, as a technology, is by nature constantly collecting data. In order to manage costs associated with IoT data storage, CIOs can leverage cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure Government, which can be more cost effective than building and maintaining on-site data storage.

Read the entire article here, Conquering the Upfront Cost Barrier to IoT – Azure Government Cloud

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