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Microsoft Azure SQL Databases Disaster Recovery 101

Microsoft Azure SQL Databases Disaster Recovery 101

Why should I care? As a PaaS service, Azure SQL provides automated backup for all databases. It allows customers to recover their data from system or human errors and restores the databases to any point in time during the retention. But it won’t guarantee that your data will be always available, in some extreme cases. Imagine aliens invaded one of our data centers and destroyed everything, or more realistically, extreme weather put the whole area in power outage. Look at what hurricane Irma or Marina did. It happens.

Fortunately, Azure DB is prepared for this. We provide not only one, but two different solutions to recover your data in those disasters: Geo Restore and Geo Replication.

You will learn the followings in the next 5 minutes:

  • What do these features do?
  • What is the difference between these two?
  • How do I choose between these two?

If you already have answer for these questions or want to learn more details about the Azure DB business continuity and disaster recovery, please refer to our online documentation.

What do these features do? Geo Restore allows customers to recover the database to a different region from backup. The automated backup of all Azure databases is replicated to a secondary region in background. Geo Restore always restore the database from the copy of backup files stored in the secondary region.

Geo Replication will create a continuous copy of your database in one or more secondary region(s) (up to 4 secondary replicas). In event of disaster, you can simply failover to one of the secondary region and bring you database back online. You can also configure failover group to recover the databases automatically.

Read the entire article here, Azure SQL Databases Disaster Recovery 101 | Blog

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