Home Cloud Computing Microsoft Announces Azure Stream Analytics on Edge Devices Preview

Microsoft Announces Azure Stream Analytics on Edge Devices Preview

Microsoft Announces Azure Stream Analytics on Edge Devices Preview

Today, we are announcing Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) on edge devices, a new feature of Azure Stream Analytics that enables customers to deploy analytical intelligence closer to the IoT devices and unlock the full value of the device-generated data.

Azure Stream Analytics on edge devices extends all the benefits of our unique streaming technology from the cloud down to devices. With ASA on edge devices, we are offering the power of our Complex Event Processing (CEP) solution on edge devices to easily develop and run real-time analytics on multiple streams of data. One of the key benefit of this feature is the seamless integration with the cloud: users can develop, test, and deploy their analytics from the cloud, using the same SQL-like language for both cloud and edge analytics jobs. Like in the cloud, this SQL language notably enables temporal-based joins, windowed aggregates, temporal filters, and other common operations such as aggregates, projections, and filters.  Users can also seamlessly integrate custom code in JavaScript for advanced scenarios.

Enabling new scenarios Azure IoT Hub, a core Azure service that connects, monitors and updates IoT devices, has enabled customers to connect millions of devices to the cloud, and Azure Stream Analytics has enabled customers to easily deploy and scale analytical intelligence in the cloud for extracting actionable insights from the device-generated data. However, multiple IoT scenarios require real-time response, resiliency to intermittent connectivity, handling of large volumes of raw data, or pre-processing of data to ensure regulatory compliance. All of which could now be achieved by using ASA on edge device to deploy and operate analytical intelligence physically closer to the devices.

Read the entire article here, Announcing Azure Stream Analytics on edge devices (preview) | Blog

via the fine folks at Microsoft.


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