Home Applications LogicMonitor’s SaaS-Based Monitoring Displaces Premise-Based Solution, Enables MSP to Improve Service, Increase Revenue

LogicMonitor’s SaaS-Based Monitoring Displaces Premise-Based Solution, Enables MSP to Improve Service, Increase Revenue

LogicMonitor’s SaaS-Based Monitoring Displaces Premise-Based Solution, Enables MSP to Improve Service, Increase Revenue

Interview with PTLGateway’s CEO, Neil Pritchard 


Founded in 2006, PTLGateway is a managed services provider, running in excess of a hundred servers – multi-tenanted applications servers; virtualized infrastructures run as dedicated platforms, and a variety of ad hoc servers.

Technology / Model / Monitoring – “We’re predominantly a VMware platform running on an HP infrastructure, split across two datacenters. We primarily focus on delivering high-end hosted managed services to clients with complex application requirements, and assist clients in moving their IT assets off the balance sheet. At the infrastructure level, we mainly monitor VMware, HP systems information manager (basically the hardware level of the HP platform), NetApps, and Dell SANs. We also monitor all the network traffic running across our Cisco platforms, Services at the platform level, and our virtual servers: CPU, services, event logs.”


Bloatware – “We started off using Nimsoft to monitor both our own servers and those of our customers. We thought we would need to provide a very sophisticated and comprehensive reporting environment on service levels for our clients, and the reality has proven to be slightly different. Our clients are less concerned with reports — they just need to know their systems are working all the time. So it was a bit like buying a product like Excel, and in reality most users end up using 10% of it, and you end up with a fairly large piece of bloatware.”

Cost Prohibitive – “When we adopted Nimsoft, it was one the leading products. The issue we had with it was its cost – both in terms of licensing and the cost to deploy – which made it unattractive for us to deploy it to remote customers with on premise servers. Clients weren’t keen to pay the price, and we couldn’t provide a cost effective service.”

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