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It’s Here! Remote Desktop Client (RDP) for the iPhone and iPod Touch


Connect to Windows Server, Windows XP, and Windows Vista Desktop from your Apple iPhone!

Remote Desktop access from your iPhone is now available!  Carter Harrison, LLC. has just released WinAdmin to the iTunes App Store.   WinAdmin uses the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to let you manage and interact with any Windows computer from your iPhone or iPod Touch.  

WinAdmin 1.0 ships with the following features:

  • Pan and Scale through the remote Windows desktop by dragging your finger across the iPhone display.
  • Ability to zoom in and out on your remote Windows desktop.  
  • Single and Double click by simply tapping on the iPhone display.
  • Tap and hold for right click.
  • Ability to drag an object through tapping and dragging on the iPhone display.
  • Ability to create a list of favorite remote connections.  Each can have their own connection credentials.
  • Many more…

I’ve downloaded WinAdmin and have logged in to a few of my remote servers and desktops.   The usability is easy and the response was instant.   All in all, I was very impressed.   Below are a few screen shots.

The following is a real screen shot from a connection to one of my web servers.  

The following screenshot shows Window Explorer running.  I’ve zoomed in (shrunk) the screen to make it more usable for me.

The following screen shot is one of the official screen shots show how to type in a remote desktop window.

The following screen shot show the list of Favorite Servers that is displayed when you first launch WinAdimin.  All you need to do is click on one of the servers to launch a remote connection.

The following screen shot show the Connection Properties form you fill out when adding a new server/desktop.

All in all, I’m very impressed and this little app will give you the ability to access your remote desktop, and or server in order to make those quick fixes and/or pull that peice of data you must have access to at that moment. 

To learn more and buy Admin pleae visit the Apple iTunes App Store here:  Carter Harrison, LLC. – WinAdmin 1.0.0



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