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      Gartner: The Data Center is Dead

      Infrastructure and operations (I&O) leaders today face a daunting challenge. The IT they have known for decades is changing — radically. IT’s primary function will be to enable the business to be more agile, to enter new markets more quickly, to deliver services closer to the customer, and to position specific workloads based on business, […]

      Mobility News

        VMware’s Brian Madden, Lead Field Technologist, VMware Asks, Is VDI Dead?

        Five years ago, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) was all the rage. But now that everyone’s talking about the digital workspace, intelligence, mobile apps, and identity management, it’s almost like we forgot about little ole VDI! So where is VDI in 2018? Have we already reached peak VDI? Is VDI on the decline, or are its […]

        Security News

          Storage News

            3 Key Differences Between Hyperconverged Infrastructure and Software-Defined Storage

            So before we get into the difference between these two IT solutions, how about let’s start off with the definitions, shall we? Software-defined storage (SDS) is the abstracting of the physical storage from the controlling software. In other words, you can use one software to control multiple and often times, disparate hardware vendor storage solutions […]

            UEM News

              Liquidware UK Customer DAS Leverages Stratusphere UX for deep visibility and diagnostics for desktop estate.

              LONDON, UK. – IP EXPO October 3, 2018 – Liquidware, the leading third-party provider of platform-agnostic end-user computing solutions, today announced the UK leader of legal expenses insurance, DAS, has become a customer with their recent procurement of Stratusphere UX, Liquidware’s user experience monitoring and diagnostics solution. Darren Perry, EUC Manager, DAS UK Group, commented […]

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