Home Data Center Is Slack the next Online Community Platform?

Is Slack the next Online Community Platform?

Is Slack the next Online Community Platform?

We are continuously struggling with finding the best way to nurture a community both in-person and online.  The rise of Meetups has helped a lot of fresh communities bring their in-person meetings to a common platform.  Using the widely and freely available Meetup.com platform means that you can easily spark up a meeting, get participants engaged, gather RSVP information, and also continue with discussions on the event pages to keep the conversation going.

Where the Meetup platforms leaves off is where the rest of the online community platforms are searching for dominance in capturing the continuous online presence and interaction for these communities.  Having been a long time Jive community user on the Green Circle Community platform, I too have been seeking the best way to bring engaging information and spur continuous conversations through the online community platform.

Slack Gets Into the Online Community Game

Slack is already one of the most quickly growing persistent group chat platforms that has hit the market.  How did Slack win so big, so early?  They used the classic formula.   Make something free that targets a need.  Developers love chat platforms.  Developers can engage with the API.  Developers can extend the platform with chat bots and more.  Most importantly, make it an invite process that gets people loving the inclusiveness and ease of signup.  Also, add animated GIFs, because we all love animated GIFs.

Read the entire article here, Is Slack the next Online Community Platform?

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