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How to Run .NET Applications without Installing .NET Framework with Thinstall Application Virtualization


If you are required to deploy .net applications and/or .net 2.0 applications but you are weary of upgrading to .net 2.0 then you must take a look at this 10 minute flash video on how to use Thinstall Application Virtualizations solution to run .NET applications without installing the .NET framework.

The Problem:

As we all know, developing with the latest release of the .NET framework offers clear advantages. However, deploying an application requiring the latest .NET can present challenges due to a number issues including:

·          Other applications require an earlier version of .NET

·          Locked down desktops cannot be upgraded immediately

·          Computers may need to have different versions of .NET installed concurrently

Whether a commercial application distributed to home computers or a custom application to corporate locked down computers, the correct version of the .NET framework – or any of the .NET components – may not be installed.  This presents challenges in terms of updating, running, and installing applications and also problems when applications require different .NET versions to be installed.

The Thinstall Solution

Thinstall provides essential features that make .NET deployments conflict free and secure. Benefits include:

·          Not requiring the .NET Framework to be installed.  By packaging the application and linking the .NET framework with Thinstall, no installation of the .NET framework is required. The application runs without modifying the host computer.

·          Eliminating all installation errors and conflicts. Thinstall enables applications to run concurrently that each require a different version of .NET to be installed.

·          Reducing download and installation time. Thinstall packages all of the .NET framework or only the components that the program needs into a single, compressed EXE. This not only reduces the size of the components that need to be installed (and downloaded), but also makes ‘installation’ significantly faster. Nothing is installed, rather the program is run via the Thinstall Virtual Operating System.

·          Applications that require different versions of .NET, concurrently, without conflicts and protect code from disassembly.


To learn more please watch the following video on how to use Thinstall Application Virtualizations solution to run .NET applications without installing the .NET framework.


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