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How to Remove the Advanced Options Link from the Citrix Web Interface 4.0 Login Page


If you would like to remove the “A dvanced Options” page of the Web Interface 4.0 login page then all you need to do is perform the following procedures. .

1. Modify the following file:  /%SERVERROOT%/Citrix/MetaFrame/auth/include/loginMainForm.inc but make sure you have a good backup.

2. Delete the following snip of code.  .

<tr name=”<%=ID_OPENLINK_ADV_OPTIONS%>” id=”<%=ID_OPENLINK_ADV_OPTIONS%>” <%=viewControl.getAdvancedOptionsOpenLinkDisplayStr()%>>
             <td align=”right”><a href=”#<%=ID_ADV_OPTIONS_ANCHOR%>” class=”appLinksSmall” onClick=”openAdvOptions(this.form)”><%=getString(“AdvancedOptionsOpen”, currentLocale)%></a></td>


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