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How to Prevent Server Downtime with Server Monitoring

How to Prevent Server Downtime with Server Monitoring

Preventive server monitoring is essential for quickly identifying and isolating potential malfunctions in your environment.  In this blog post, we’re going to discuss unplanned server outages that are due to failure. While I agree that it’s almost impossible to have zero downtime, you can at least minimize it.

The cost of unplanned server downtime

According to industry surveys, when a company is dealing with a server outage, it loses an average of $5,600 per minute. Keep in mind that this is taken as an average statistical value, but when you do the the math, you’re losing much more than just money. Server downtime affects staff morale, customer loyalty, and your business’s reputation.

“The main cost of downtime is lost productivity and revenue,” said Matthias Machowinski, Research Director for Enterprise Networks and Video at IHS. As reported by Statista, the factors that most negatively affect on reliability and downtime for server hardware and operating system platforms are human error first and security flaws second. Either way, system administrators are missing something.

Check out the Ponemon Institute report from January 2016, “Cost of Data Center Outages,” and there you can see an increase in unplanned server downtime of 38 percent since 2010.

Recovering from downtime comes at an even greater price. There are a lot of costs associated with determining the root cause, recovering data, coming up with a detailed damage report, and dealing with other consequences. It’s like a complex domino effect.

You wanna hear the worst part?

Outages can usually be prevented, but most administrators fail to take the right precautions. Once it happens, it feels like a crushing defeat. As one Reddit user stated: “The recovery was a pain-full, weekend-long ordeal with very little sleep, downtime, and data loss.”

Apart from wasting your resources and money, you’re wasting time and for professionals, time is the most valuable asset at their disposal. Don’t let this happen to you. Take necessary precautions and prevent server downtime before it happens.

Read the entire article here, How to Prevent Server Downtime with Server Monitoring

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  1. While I agree with you that the risk of an outage can be mitigated by preventative maintenance, you will never mitigate the human factor. It is just as important to have a process in place for your next outage and make sure that you have a mechanism in pace to quickly notify your customers during an outage. Status page services like estatus.io make this easy and are critical to reducing the average cost of an outage. Disaster planning coupled with a preventative maintenance plan will make certain that organizations minimize downtime while increasing readiness for the inevitable next outage.

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