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How to Install Citrix XenApp in the Amazon EC2 Cloud


Citrix VP Chris Fleck just posted an amazing video detailing how use the Amazon EC2 cloud to host a Citrix XenApp server.    Chris walks you from signing up for your Amazon account  to installing and configuring the Amazon cloud to run your XenApp servers. Very cool stuff and all for around 12.5 cents per hour! Amazing..

On with Chris’s blog post:
How to get your own Citrix XenApp server in EC2 for 12 cents & 15 min.
OK, actually it’s 12.5 cents and it might take you a few minutes longer, but compared to the traditional methods of building/configuring servers the cost and time savings is dramatic. It is now possible to launch a pre-built XenApp image in the Amazon Web Service offering called EC2. The image includes XenApp 5.0 on Windows 2003 Server ready to run and is accessible as an Admin or user. Also included is the Citrix 2 CCU Developer license bundled into the image so you can be ready for test, dev, and demo’s in minutes. In this demo image we have NOT included Secure Gateway or Access Gateway so we do not recommend this image for production environments. The actual minimum cost for EC2 with Windows Server is 12.5 cents per hour with no minimum or commitment, so you can actually run it for an hour, terminate the image and that’s all you owe. In reality you will likely want to install apps, customize your image and run it for some length of time.  It is also very easy to save your image after you have customized it and terminate the image so the EC2 charges stop. The associated S3 Storage cost is only 15 cents per Gig per month, again very cheap and easy. New VM instances can then be started from saved images at anytime. As you may know the magic that powers this service is based on the Xen Hypervisor and the business model that Amazon has put together makes this a very attractive solution for many scenario’s, in this case starting with demos, test, dev, PoC’s etc. Many thanks to Vishal Ganeriwala for putting this image together and leading the way for more to come.
Here is a VideoTip to walk you through every step ( also available at our VideoTip site http://citrix.utipu.com/app/tip/id/6236/ )
To learn more and to read the entire article at its source, please refer to the following page, How to get your own Citrix XenApp server in EC2 for 12 cents & 15 min.

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