Home Cloud Computing How connection tracking in Open vSwitch helps OpenStack performance

How connection tracking in Open vSwitch helps OpenStack performance

How connection tracking in Open vSwitch helps OpenStack performance

By introducing a connection tracking feature in Open vSwitch, thanks to the latest Linux kernel, we greatly simplified the maze of virtual network interfaces on OpenStack compute nodes and improved its networking performance. This feature will appear soon in Red Hat OpenStack Platform.

It goes without question that in the modern world, we need firewalling to protect machines from hostile environments. Any non-trivial firewalling requires you keep track of the connections to and from the machine. This is called “stateful firewalling”. Indeed, even such basic rule as “don’t allow machines from the Internet to connect to the machine while allowing the machine itself to connect to servers on the Internet” requires stateful firewall. This applies also to virtual machines. And obviously, any serious cloud platform needs such protection.

It’s of no surprise that OpenStack implements stateful firewalling for guest VMs. It’s the core of its Security Groups feature. It allows the hypervisor to protect virtual machines from unwanted traffic.

As mentioned, for stateful firewalling the host (OpenStack node) needs to keep track of individual connections and be able to match packets to the connections. This is called connection tracking, or “conntrack”. Note that connections are a different concept to flows: connections are bidirectional and need to be established, while flows are unidirectional and stateless.

Let’s add Open vSwitch to the picture. Open vSwitch is an advanced programmable software switch. Neutron uses it for OpenStack networking – to connect virtual machines together and to create overlay network connecting the nodes. (For completeness, there are other backends than Open vSwitch available; however, Open vSwitch offers the most features and performance due to its flexibility and it’s considered the “main” backend by many.)

Read the entire article here, How connection tracking in Open vSwitch helps OpenStack performance

via the fine folks at Red Hat.

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