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How Can Cloud Infrastructure Help You Stay Competitive?

How Can Cloud Infrastructure Help You Stay Competitive?

We’ve become so accustomed to locking in certain functionality when we buy hardware devices that it’s now something we expect to upgrade in the future. Think about your smartphone, your desktops, your cars and all of your datacenter equipment. Even if what you have is still working, but it’s not as great anymore, we either live with it or justify how to upgrade our older, inefficient productivity tools and infrastructure to get the latest capabilities.

The speed of innovation in datacenter infrastructure is a perfect example. There are always new functional capabilities appearing. New processor speeds, bigger and faster disks or flash media, higher speed networks… and they may even be less expensive! Buying a new car because it’s got new gadgets might sound like a great thing, but it’s not pragmatically affordable when what you own is working. We see the very same things happen when new datacenter options appear. They’re the “latest thing” until the next latest thing comes along. You can never affordably keep up, right?

Well, maybe there’s a better alternative. The modern flexibility of public cloud platforms offers customers instant access to a wide variety of compute, storage and networking ingredients that form almost infinite combinations. The difference is you don’t have to buy all of the combinations, and you get to pick what’s best for your business. This flexibility isn’t a static decision that you’re stuck with at the time of purchase, like computer hardware, it’s malleable throughout the lifecycle of your project, and throughout the lifecycle of your business.

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