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Happy Birthday DABCC.com – A Pictorial View of the Past 7 Years!


I’m very proud to say January marks the 7th birthday of http://www.dabcc.com/. Over the past seven years I’ve had the great pleasure of work for and with many of you. I started this site in January 1999 as a site for my friends and me to exchange knowledge, applications and opinions, or at least my opinions, on all the topics that mean a lot to me. When I think back to those days I remember thinking two things, 1) wow, this is not as easy as I thought it would be and 2) I can’t wait for this to be 5,10 years old and to look back at where it has gone. That being said, I thought I would take you back on a quick pictorial view of http://www.dabcc.com/ throughout the years!

November 20, 1999DABCC.com was founded as a blog, before the name blog was termed, as it was dedicated to all the cool things I care about and that I find myself working on. It was just a fun little site that contained links, downloads, and tips & ticks. I guess today it is the same thing but as you can see from the screenshot below, it sure has changed a lot!!!

January 20, 2001In January 2001, the site turned two years old and as you can see from the screenshot below it has grown a bunch and found the look that would remain for the next three years.

May 24, 2001This is an interesting time for me. I apologized for a lack of posts as I was very busy playing with MetaFrame XP 1.0 but I was also very busy interviewing for an SE position at Citrix. I remember it well…

June 5, 2002By the middle of the third year of DABCC.com I found myself a Citrix employee and hence my site had become 100% Citrix related. I was also starting to create some very original DABCC only content, such as Project in a Box, now called Methodology in a Box! It is funny to read the post about my doc. Project in a Box 1.0 was released on May 1, 2002 so this screenshot is only a month after it was released. Sort of cool to see…

February 27, 2003Another January and another birthday, this time the fourth! The fourth year brings even more Citrix related information, a name change, Project in a Box was changed to Methodology in a Box due to a trademark conflict, and Project Compatibility, the predecessor to Advanced Print Manager, was released!

November 10, 2003This screenshot was taking three days after the 3.0 release of Methodology in a Box 3.0! I remember it well, back then DABCC.com ran from my home office over a DSL connection and needless to say when I posted MIAB all my bandwidth was used up in minutes and hence it was more than difficult to keep the site running. That did not stop you guys though, on November 7, 2003 I received over 1000 downloads MIAB!

June 3, 20042004 brings DABCC.com’s fifth birthday and it was a very slow year for DABCC.com. Due to Citrix politics, I was prevented from updating the site like I was use too. What I find interesting about this screenshot is that in less than a month after June 3rd I would no longer be a Citrix employee as I was off try my hand at running DABCC.com as a career.

February 8, 2005This brings us to 2005, the first full year of DABCC, Inc. and a new look and feel for DABCC.com. At first it was slow going as I spent so much time just trying to learn to run a company and we spent the entire year getting the new DABCC.com built. We still have so much work to do but in 2005 we maid great strides in achieving our goals.

January 4, 2006This brings us to 2006 and to DABCC.com seventh birthday! After spending a bit of time looking back over the past seven years, I would have to say that I’m more than happy with all that has happened and I sort of see it as the American dream come true. Seven years ago I sat in an apartment in Des Moines, Iowa with the goal to create a web site to help my friends and a dream that it might take me to new some fun places… Over the past seven years I went from a hundred hits a month to millions. I’ve since moved from Iowa to California to Colorado and now I live in the wonderful town of Sarasota on the coast of Florida. I’ve traveled around the world and met so many people and I’m so very happy to call many of them my friends. I achieved my dream of working for Citrix and my childhood goal of running my own company. All this, because of my simple web site that I started over seven years ago! (So to that executive who asked me, “Do you actually help anyone?” I say, “Ha-ha”

I must also take a second to thank all of you for your continued support of DABCC.com and of course it’s sponsors. DABCC.com is not successful because of Doug Brown but because of the millions of people who have visited it over the years and the hundreds of people who took and take their valuable time to contribute to make us all better. I thank every one of you so much for the past seven awesome years.

Thanks again, I look forward to serving you for another year!!!!!

Douglas A. Brown

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