Home Management Goliath Technologies redesigns dashboards and improves monitoring your Citrix environment

Goliath Technologies redesigns dashboards and improves monitoring your Citrix environment

Goliath Technologies redesigns dashboards and improves monitoring your Citrix environment

Beginning of this month Goliath Technologies released their newly designed dashboard with their Citrix monitoring solution. Before that their console, which had an awful lot of metrics, looked a bit 90s. We spoke about that on several occasions. I try to give positive feedback to vendors while looking and testing their products. I’m happy to see that they did some very good work on the dashboard. I’m sure customers will also approve of this.

I wrote some articles about Goliath in the past. Back then with the old dashboard but it will show the level of deep dive they have for Citrix. Citrix solutions themselves are good to work with for daily management but they lack the end to end visibility that Goliath for one can offer. Interested in the past articles? please take a look here Goliath renames their Citrix hosted Logon simulator to App Availability testing for Citrix here Proactive management of end user experience using Goliath Performance Monitor and Goliath Logon Simulator and here Goliath Logon simulator for Citrix.

Citrix monitoring

If you look at the Citrix consoles it is more focused on management of the environment when monitoring. Customer need to have an insight in who are connected. What processes are hanging and what is the connection between the VDA and the client. Needed tools but next to that a good monitoring tool that shows the status of the Citrix environment and dependencies is required. Goliath already offered that but now with the new dashboards they make it more usable. Let me show why.

Read the entire article here, Goliath Technologies redesigns dashboards and improves monitoring your Citrix environment

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