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Future Cities: Interviews with Startups, Investors, Influencers

Future Cities: Interviews with Startups, Investors, Influencers

Tech and investment trends in smart cities, drones, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, driverless cars, Internet of Things and other innovations that used to be sci-fi just a few years ago.

Your Neighborhood Will Never Be the Same

By 2030 nearly 70% of the world’s population will be residents of a city. That means 3 billion more people will be living in cities in the next 30 years. Our generation is destined to witness an incredible number of new cities and new buildings built to host our new neighbours. Once these cities are built, they won’t be built again. And they won’t be changed easily either.

I’ve travelled to 23 countries in person and even more than that digitally through my email and Skype. I don’t have all the answers – nobody does – but I’ve collected many tools along the road. These tools may help me and you to understand trends of what’s happening, and give us a competitive advantage in this ever-changing world.

Enjoy the interviews. I’ll be here waiting for your feedback. If you don’t agree, I welcome any challenge. This isn’t a one-way conversation, after all. This is a global game.


Table of Contents

– Welcome
– Would You Like to Share Your Story?
– How To Get 12 Free Chapters
– The Secret Life of an Uber Driver
– Guo Bai
– Simon Menashy (MMC Ventures)
– The Future Is a Megacity
– Minerva Tantoco (New York City CTO)
– Milos Milisavljevic (Strawberry Energy)
– One Drone in Every Home
– Thomas Davies (Seedrs)
– Adeo Ressi (Founder Institute)
– 3D Printing. Bones, Clothes and the Third Industrial Revolution
– Hon. Jerry MacArthur Hultin
– Kyrill Zlobenko (Ecozy)
– Sex and Robots: Do Humans Dream of Electric Mates?
– Rohit Talwar (Fast Future Research)
– Tom Samodol (PayProp)
– What Is a Smart City?
– Jimmy Garcia-Meza
– Simone Tarantino (Inspect Manager)
– When the Police Invented the Radio (A Short History of the Mobile Network)
– Eric van der Kleij (Level39 / Cognicity)
– Domenico Colucci (Nextome)
– Robots and Jobs
– Nicolas Steiner
– Patrick Morselli (WeWork)
– Where Can I Buy My Knight Rider? Insights on Driverless Cars
– Goncalo Agra Amorin (BGI / MIT Portugal)
– James Swanston (Voyage Control)
– How Millennials Are Going to Reshape the Cities – Nic Shulman (Block Dox)
– Michel Willems (BimBimBikes)
– Present and Future of the Internet of Things
– Laurence Kemball-Cook (Pavegen)
– Fabien Girerd (Jooxter)
– A Tale of Two Cities: From the Car Economy to the Internet of Everything
– Calum Chace
– Jarkko Hämäläinen (Intelle Innovations)
– A New Kind of Money Is Reshaping the Cities
– Bill Clee & Peter Jaco (Asset Mapping)
– João Marques Fernandes (CityKeys)
– Crowdfunding in Future Cities
– Crowdfunding in Future Cities Part 2 (Kickstarter Analysis)
– Alex Siljanovski (Basestone)
– Freddie Talberg (Pie Mapping)
– Star Trek Was Wrong (and It’s Not a Matter of Technology)
– Hamish Watson (Polysolar)
– Miguel Rodrigues (Cities2020 Brazil)
– Songdo, the Story of an Artificial Creature
– Paul Sheedy (Reward Technology)
– Justin Lyon (Simudyne)
– Future Cities Events and Conferences
– Alberto Brogi (VisLab)
– Karim Fahssis (ZephyTools)
– Top Twitter Accounts in Future Cities
– Future Cities Accelerators and Institutions
– Pietro Martani (Copernico)
– Sandra Sassow (SEaB)
– Horseshoe Nails

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