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Proactive Citrix End User Experience Management

Live Webinar: How to Proactively Manage the Entire Citrix End User Experience

Troubleshoot – Find Root Cause – Remediate – Improve End User Experience

A Citrix End User Experience Engineer will lead a technical session to show you how to proactively troubleshoot and remediate the root cause of performance issues that negatively affect the Citrix end user experience — from Logon Initiation to Logon Process to Session Performance.

See How These IT Teams Proactively Manage the Citrix End User Experience

On this use case heavy webinar you’ll see how IT teams from organizations like Office Depot and Facebook do real-time monitoring of the entire end user experience from the instant they initiate a logon, through the logon process, and while working in their Citrix Session by using tools like:

  • Logon Simulator for Citrix
  • Logon Duration Reports & Analysis
  • ICA/HDX Latency Reports & Analysis
  • End-to-End Connection Reports
  • End User Experience & Activity Report
  • Citrix End-to-End Performance Monitor

Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 12:30pm ET | 9:30am PT

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