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Expert Panel on the Future of End-User Computing (EUC)

Session Description

A lively discussion of the current state and future of end-user computing (EUC) with Brennan Harper, Brian Lesniakowski, Dane Young, Harry Labana, Matt Lesak, Michael Hogan, Paul Kunze, and Philip Alberta! Hosted by: Douglas A. Brown, DABCC.com



An industry-acclaimed business and technology leader, Philip Alberta encompasses the vision, strategy and leadership to drive IT business innovation, growth and excellence in the workplace. As CIO, he enables IPM’s organizational processes, continuously evaluating programs to maximize efficiency and further progress across all business practices. Alberta also plays an integral role in developing executive client relationships, mapping solutions to business objectives and ensuring maximum value is realized from project investments.

With a proven track record for implementing fiscally responsible strategies, Alberta joined IPM as a Business Analyst in early 2011 from RTA Group, Alberta’s independent business advisory firm. In this capacity, he worked with executive management to commence an internal company review to identify opportunities across the business and propose viable solutions. He officially assumed the Chief Information Officer role in January 2012.


Mark A. Westling leads the Professional Services development efforts at Right! Systems, Inc. The principal mission of this function is to develop and leverage the company’s partnerships and alliances including Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, Juniper, VMware among others. In addition, Mark is responsible for driving a number of new-business development efforts around cloud computing and managed services.

Mr. Westling joined RSI in 1993 as a member of the original team.  He has over 25 years of technology industry experience. Prior to joining Right! Systems Inc., Mr. Westling worked for the State of Washington and subsequently GRiD Systems as a Senior Systems Engineer.


In 2004, Hogan Consulting Group was established as a solution provider in Northwest Indiana.  With a background as a Systems Engineer, Michael saw the need for higher specialization and proficiencies in the technology world around virtualization, application delivery, systems management and security.  Over the years Michael has guided Hogan Consulting to become a premier service provider in the Midwest with offices and resources that cover Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.  Having grown a company with a focus on improving business outcomes for clients, Michael has worked on many facets of how technology can be used to improve business as a whole.  In January of 2015, Hogan Consulting Group was awarded the Citrix Partner Innovation Award in the Enterprise space.  This award is an international recognition of how HCG applied technologies to completely transform business for one of its clients.    HCG has been recognized by its vendor partners as being a leader in the field with such accreditations as Citrix Platinum, VMware Enterprise, AppSense Platinum, and Lakeside Gold.


Paul Kunze is Vice President of Sales & Marketing of IntraSystems.  Mr. Kunze’s experience in the industry as well as his vision has kept IntraSystems on the top of its class for 20 years.  Since IntraSystems inception, Paul has maintained highly successful partnerships with key vendors, such as VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft while continuing to grow partnerships with other leading technology vendors to ensure IntraSystems meets the growing needs of their customer base.  Paul actively serves as a member on several vendors’ technology councils.

With nearly 24 years of experience in the technology industry, Mr. Kunze is responsible for driving revenue growth while overseeing IntraSystems’ sales and marketing team.  Under his direction, IntraSystems’ sales team provides solutions to meet customers’ emerging and multifaceted cloud, network, and security needs.  Paul ensures that IntraSystems delivers customer satisfaction through technical competence, prominent partnerships, and professional integrity of all employees.  Under his leadership, IntraSystems’ customer base and revenue has continued to grow year after year.


Serving as Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Lesniakowski provides expertise in translating customer system requirements into solution designs and is ultimately tasked with developing and directing AEC Group’s overall technology strategy. Brian is responsible for the long-term direction of AEC’s technical adoption roadmap and solution development as well as identifying and assessing new technologies that serve to augment or replace existing solution sets. In his role as CTO, Brian also manages the Technical Architect team, provides pre-sales support, and issues information necessary for the company’s marketing department to support marketing and sales activities.

During his 18 years with AEC and his tenure as Chief Technology Officer, Brian has found that the continual challenges associated with maintaining a strong awareness and understanding of technology maturation and evolution is the catalyst that makes his position with AEC Group
so rewarding. The combination of clients, employees, and OEM partners provides such a unique work environment that never stagnates and offers Brian and his co-workers a wealth of opportunities for professional and personal achievement.

A sits on multiple technical councils related to technical solution areas and holds certifications in technologies including those from EMC, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and Cisco.

Brian serves as a youth hockey coach in his time outside of AEC.

He holds a degree in Computer Science from Pennsylvania State University.


DANE YOUNG (@youngtech) is a Citrix Technology Professional (CTP), VMware vExpert and EUC Champion, and technology enthusiast. Dane is the Virtualization Practice Manager at Entisys360 in Northern California specializing in application, desktop, and server virtualization technologies from Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. Dane maintains a virtualization focused blog that can be found at tech.daneyoung.com. He has obtained a number of technical certifications from Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware. Dane currently holds Master of Business Administration and Management Information Systems degrees.

Chat Log
user message
Stephane Quevillon Good job on the panel so far guys!
Bill Sorenson Can you speak to user's and organizations wanting to get to IT as a utility. Always on, always available, no or low issues. Doesn't this get us there?
Lars Berntrop- Bos I am goiong to have a chat with our sysadmins. They were going to a WTS system, but this seems much nicer!
Bill Sorenson How's the cost overall comparison with WTS and other hosted desktop options today? Is there a good TCO document you can point us to?
Lars Berntrop- Bos Sorry if it is a newbie question, but which processors execute the provisioned apps? The client or the server?
Dane Young #Lars, it absolutely depends on the model of app delivery you're utilizing
Dane Young ThinApp is local execution or datacenter execution (for RDSH if published or VDI hosted)
Barry Flanagan If there is time, we would like to take a question topic from chat - Any votes on a question topic?
Lars Berntrop- Bos #Dane, can you point me to a good resource where to read up on that?
Leo Gonzalez I've been using Citrix at our hopital since MetaframeXP. VMware is beginning to sway me!
Frank Lempitsky My Citrix goes back to WinView 1992 . VMware has come a log way and has passed Citrix in inovation
Leo Gonzalez I agree Frank.
David Marshall Love when people go way back! I remember using WinFrame and MetaFrame. So, long time, and love how things have advanced. VMware definitely had a lot of catching up to do.
Stephane Quevillon Does the panel think the move towards public clouds is going to accelerate, slow down or even revert due to the proliferation of lower cost hyper-converged private cloud options? How is this going to affect the end-user space?
Thomas Krampe I think it's not a question of VMware or Citrix, both can co-exist very good. But it's a question of what Microsoft will do in the next two years.
Thomas Krampe In Germany for example, when customer talk about cloud they mean in most cases Azure.
David Marshall Thanks to all of the panelists!
Kevin King Thanks again everyone
Nitesh Bharadia I used Novell NetWare 2.0a
Thomas Krampe Thank you Guys and Doug for making this happen
Erik Leatherman Thanks Gentlemen for all of the insight provided!
Stephane Quevillon Thanks for the great insights!
Frank Lempitsky my first network Novell Token Ring in 1988 and Banyan Vines
Nitesh Bharadia Novell Access Communications Gateway - predecessor to Citrix
David Marshall Yay, go Barry!
Adam Bari Great Job !!!
Paul Sisk Great work everyone, excellent presentation!
Barry Flanagan Token Ring - wow - haven't heard that in a long time
Dane Young three cheers for Barry!
Dane Young Hip hip horray! Hip hip horray! Hip hip horray!
Bob Yuen Great session by all. Learned alot
Barry Flanagan Thanks David
Barry Flanagan Great job on the panel everyone
Frank Lempitsky 4mb whether you needed it or not
Barry Flanagan heh - I remember working with Synoptics token ring in a big NC bank in the early 90's
Nitesh Bharadia Bill Gates - 640Mb should be more than enough for anybody
Nitesh Bharadia Bill Gates - The man who brought you EDLIN
Barry Flanagan Synoptics token ing, cisco routers and Novell 3 servers
Frank Lempitsky Yes synoptics and they got bought by Bay Networks.
Barry Flanagan I am so old... LOL
Lars Berntrop- Bos My first network was AppleTalk over PhoneNet..
Thomas Möllerbernd @Barry, do you need a MAU to build your Token Ring up again. Think I still have one here
Stephane Quevillon lol

A EUC focused event sponsored by AEC Group, Entisys360, Hogan Consulting Group, IntraSystems, IPM and Right! Systems







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