Home Data Center Does a disk type matter for VDI infrastructures?

Does a disk type matter for VDI infrastructures?

Does a disk type matter for VDI infrastructures?

Probably most people would say this is no brainer and actually it is. Of course the type of disks used for your VDI infrastructure matter for the user experience and performance of VDIs. In this article I will do a walk-through of a PoC where we have been required to investigate the impact of the disk performance on a VDI infrastructure.

Before I start with this article I want to ensure that this article is not a scientific based article. We are comparing apple with pears. It is not the purpose of this article to show exact results, but to inform you that it’s wise to do a good research about the disk and the required performance.

Let’s start with the specific use case. I was involved in a Proof of Concept to do see if a group of Software Engineers (programmers) could be using a VDI solution instead of local workstation. One important requirement was that the performance should be equally or better than that local workstation. A small mistake (but with huge impact) was that was forgotten to check what hardware was exactly used in those local workstations. The statement was that a SSD disk was added to systems being used for the daily activities of the end user, you an already guess that the SSD disk statement was too general.

Read the entire article here, VanBragt.Net Virtualization – Does a disk type matter for VDI infrastructures?

Via the fine folks at Wilco van Bragt.

Wilco van Bragt

founder and author of the VanBragt.Net Virtualization website. On this website Wilco publishes virtualization related product reviews, articles, reviews of freeware products and blogs about several virtualization topics and events. Wilco also writes for other well-known virtualization websites and is member of the Dutch Citrix User Group (DuCUG) Steering board. Wilco also presents/presented on several events like BriForum, E2EVC, NGN, DuCUG and Citrix Synergy. After working for a couple of consulting firms as a senior technical consultant and technical project leader Wilco started his own freelance company VanBragt.Net Consultancy in April 2008. Wilco is also a RSVP (RES Software Valued Professional), Citrix CTP (Citrix Technology Professional) and a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) on RDS.

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