Home Data Center Context awareness for your devices – deviceTRUST Product Data Sheet

Context awareness for your devices – deviceTRUST Product Data Sheet

Context awareness for your devices – deviceTRUST Product Data Sheet

More than ever, people are connected. Users expect the freedom to access their corporate environment from anywhere on any device. IT, on the other hand, needs to make sure that
corporate data is secure while enabling users to stay productive!

deviceTRUST provides the context information you need to apply conditional access to your corporate resources which meets your compliance, security and regulatory requirements with the
experience your users expect.

With deviceTRUST you have the information to define context-aware policies based on the device, the location, the network, the security state and the user. This ensures that your corporate data is
secure, while your people roam between devices and locations.

deviceTRUST makes the context of the endpoint and the user available inside the virtual session and on the endpoint. The intelligent technology provides the context in a way that makes it easy consumable. It enables seamless support for internal and external network access, integrates transparently with existing VPN solutions and requires no additional infrastructure making implementation easy.

Benefits Simple

  • Meet Security, Compliance and Configuration requirements by incorporating the endpoint and user context into business policies
  • Actively respond to changes of the context
  • Seamless integration into existing management and reporting solutions
  • No additional infrastructure required – Easy and fast implementation

Download and Read the ‘deviceTRUST – Context awareness for your devices’ Product Data Sheet


deviceTRUST´s mission is to contextualize the corporate enterprise, allowing users the freedom to access their corporate workspace from any location, on any device, over any network, while giving IT departments the information and control they need to meet their governance requirements.
With its patent pending technologies, deviceTRUST delivers more than 200 hardware, software, network, security, performance and location contextual properties into the virtual and physical workspaces. deviceTRUST can easily integrate with any existing workspace management solution and requires no additional infrastructure. The context is always up-to-date and any change triggers a definable action.

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