Home Applications Desktop Virtualization Podcast with Benjamin Rudolph from Parallels – Episode 6

Desktop Virtualization Podcast with Benjamin Rudolph from Parallels – Episode 6

Desktop Virtualization Podcast with Benjamin Rudolph from Parallels – Episode 6

DABCC Radio is back! DABCC Radio is a podcasting show geared around Virtualization and Server-Based Computing News and Support interviews, editorials, and tips & tricks pertaining to technologies such as, Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, SoftGrid, Performance Management, application deployment and much, much more.

Interview – Parallels Desktop 3.0 for the Mac Virtualization Discussion with Benjamin Rudolph from Parallels.

In episode 6 we are very happy to have Benjamin Rudolph from Parallels with us to discuss the recent release of their Parallels Desktop 3.0 for the Mac desktop virtualization solution. Benjamin and Douglas will discuss the release of Parallels Desktop 3.0 for the Mac and a bit about how Parallels compares and contrasts with VMware Fusion.
Parallels Desktop 3.0 for the Mac is packed with some pretty cool news features, such as:

Snapshots: An important new security and backup tool that makes Parallels virtual machines “bulletproof”. Snapshots instantly save the state of a virtual machine’s memory, settings and hard disk, and revert back to that instant at any time. This gives users the freedom to make changes, try beta software, and explore the internet without the risk of corrupting their virtual machine. If a mishap occurs, the user can revert back to a VM snapshot with a single click, erasing all changes – including major system errors – that happened after the snapshot was taken. A built-in, map-inspired Snapshot Manager helps users manage multiple snapshots.

Security Manager: A built in management tool that helps users customize the level of interaction between Windows and OS X, including how and when files can be shared between OSes, if “drag and drop” is enabled or disabled, and when hard disks and devices are mounted and accessible.

Hardware-Accelerated 3D Graphics: Strong support for OpenGL and DirectX brings Windows’ vast library of 3D-intensive applications to the Mac. Without leaving their Mac desktop, users can play popular Windows-only 3D games such as Quake, Half-Life 2, and World of Warcraft, as well as work with complex Windows-only 3D CAD programs.

Parallels Explorer: Without launching Windows, users can view and modify the contents of their Windows virtual hard drive using Parallels Explorer, which is included as a free, stand-alone tool with every copy of Parallels Desktop 3.0. Users can drag files to and from the virtual hard drive, move or re-name existing files and create new folders.

Vista Boot Camp Support: Existing Windows Vista Boot Camp partitions, as well as Windows XP Boot Camp partitions can be run in a Parallels virtual machine. Users can switch between running Windows in Parallels Desktop and Boot Camp as often as they would like.

About Benjamin Rudolph
Ben Rudolph is Parallels’ first employee and the company’s resident Mac evangelist. He leads the company’s marketing and communications programs, and his efforts have secured personal and corporate recognition in thousands of leading media outlets worldwide, including the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USAToday, The Financial Times of London, Wired, BusinessWeek, MacWorld, and ABC News. In addition to beating the drum for Parallels, Ben serves as Chief Instructor for H.A.Lo.H. Defensive Tactics, a self-defense school dedicated to training soldiers, law enforcement officers & civilians in practical close-quarter-combat.

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