Home Applications Datrium DVX makes EC2 and HCI seem like Complex Old Systems

Datrium DVX makes EC2 and HCI seem like Complex Old Systems

Datrium DVX makes EC2 and HCI seem like Complex Old Systems

While setting up couple AWS EC2 instances a few days ago, I noticed that despite the higher level abstraction and orchestration provided by cloud services I still needed to understand quite a lot about application behavior to properly stand-up a solution that would cater for my business. Luckily I was just playing around with some open-source software and the configuration did not matter that much, but it could have been very different if I was dealing with production systems and applications.

When setting up EC2 instances you need to provide networking information and lots of details about how storage will perform, including volume types, HDD vs. SSD, and the number of IOPS expected.

I know many infrastructure admins that would not even know where to start configuring these settings; not because they do not understand the features and metrics, but rather because they do not own the apps, they are not the DBAs, and also because they do not know what the requirements are on Day 2. The easiest way to mitigate complexity is to select best of breed for every storage option and pay the price.

Read the entire article here, Datrium DVX makes EC2 and HCI seem like Complex Old Systems – myvirtualcloud.net

Via the fine folks at Andre Leibovici at myvirtualcloud.net

MyVirtualCloud.NET by Andre Leibovici

Andre Leibovici is a leading expert in the area of Datacenter and Enterprise Mobility. For the last 15 years Andre’s passion and dedication has helped many organizations while working for VMware CTO Office, VMware PSO, EMC vSpecialists, and through creating professional blogging resources. His expertise is backed by 20+ years’ industry experience managing IT infrastructures and teams for large organizations. Andre’s blog myvirtualcloud.net is recognized as one of the industry leading End User Computing blogs with 3M+ hits every month. Based on his field experience, Andre developed a number of free tools to help beginners and advanced architects to appropriately size and architect VDI solutions. Andre’s passion led him to found the APAC Virtualization Podcast and speak at conferences and public events. Due to his creativity and accomplishments, Andre received the VMware Virtual Desktop Ingenuity Award’2009, and was recognized as vExpert recipient award for multiple consecutive years. Andre is currently enjoying helping Nutanix as Sr. Director, Partner Innovation & Vertical Alliances.

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