Home Applications Datrium 4.0 – Welcome to The Cloud DVX! BaaS, CloudView and RBA

Datrium 4.0 – Welcome to The Cloud DVX! BaaS, CloudView and RBA

Datrium 4.0 – Welcome to The Cloud DVX! BaaS, CloudView and RBA

Datrium announcements are often characterized by technology improvements as an evolution of the shipping platform. However, we are on a journey to deliver the best practical solutions that bridge the operational gaps between on-premise and public clouds, moving organizations to a world where the underlying nuts and bolts are not relevant to achieving the best business outcomes.

As part of this mission, we have already simplified on-premise infrastructure, collapsing and eliminating enterprise storage silos, and removing day-2 configuration complexity and maintenance requirements. Yes, Datrium DVX does not require application knowledge specificities that other converged and hyperconverged products demand from users and admins to enable/disable data services such as compression, dedupe, erasure coding and replication.

Check out Datrium 3.1 Features Overview (Beyond Marketing) where Datrium is crowned by IOmark as the most scalable, fastest and lower latency storage platform (converged or not) on the market.

Welcome The Cloud DVX!

The Cloud DVX is a zero-administration Software-as-a-Service piece of the overall Datrium platform solution that lives on the cloud (AWS). As a part of the service offering, Datrium manages the service availability, automated software upgrades as well as proactive support and self-healing functions related to Datrium and AWS resources.

The Cloud DVX is the brains for on-premise DVX instances. The software is built on the same split provisioning foundation as the on-premise DVX, enabling massive scalability of compute or capacity independently and on-demand. Furthermore, the same superpowers of (LFS) Log-Structured Filesystem is behind the Cloud DVX.

In this post, I highlight the three initial use-cases that are being delivered in the next few months or are part of a short-term product roadmap.

Read the entire article here, Datrium 4.0 – Welcome to The Cloud DVX! BaaS, CloudView and RBA – myvirtualcloud.net

Via the fine folks at Andre Leibovici at myvirtualcloud.net

MyVirtualCloud.NET by Andre Leibovici

Andre Leibovici is a leading expert in the area of Datacenter and Enterprise Mobility. For the last 15 years Andre’s passion and dedication has helped many organizations while working for VMware CTO Office, VMware PSO, EMC vSpecialists, and through creating professional blogging resources. His expertise is backed by 20+ years’ industry experience managing IT infrastructures and teams for large organizations. Andre’s blog myvirtualcloud.net is recognized as one of the industry leading End User Computing blogs with 3M+ hits every month. Based on his field experience, Andre developed a number of free tools to help beginners and advanced architects to appropriately size and architect VDI solutions. Andre’s passion led him to found the APAC Virtualization Podcast and speak at conferences and public events. Due to his creativity and accomplishments, Andre received the VMware Virtual Desktop Ingenuity Award’2009, and was recognized as vExpert recipient award for multiple consecutive years. Andre is currently enjoying helping Nutanix as Sr. Director, Partner Innovation & Vertical Alliances.

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