Home Applications DataCore Software – VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) Storage Podcast – Episode 246

DataCore Software – VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) Storage Podcast – Episode 246

DataCore Software – VMware Virtual Volumes (VVols) Storage Podcast – Episode 246

In episode 246, Douglas Brown interviews Todd Mace, Tech Evangelist at DataCore Software. Todd and Douglas discuss the DataCore software defined storage virtualization solution and how it works with VMware’s Virtual Volumes infrastructure. Todd explains how DataCore SANsymphony works, requirements, a bit about hyper-convergence, and Parallel I/O plus so much more! 

About DataCore SANsymphony-V support for VMware VVols

With DataCore, administrators can deploy virtual drives via the vSphere interface from any storage hardware (disk subsystems, flash / SSD arrays, DAS, etc.). As a result, these customers can now benefit from VVols on platforms including the broad range of EMC, IBM, HDS, Dell, XIO, NetApp and other popular storage systems and all flash arrays (Pure Storage, Nimble, etc.) by layering the SANsymphony-V Software-Defined Storage platform in front of them. The same is true for direct-attached storage (DAS) pooled by the DataCore Hyper-converged Virtual SAN.

DataCore’s unique implementation of VVols also enables customers to realize its benefits on legacy storage and arrays that are not slotted to receive VVols until next year or beyond — allowing un-certified storage gear to receive the benefit today. In addition, DataCore also provides vSphere tools that enable Hyper-converged systems to be set up automatically and configured on ESXi clusters with the DataCore Virtual SAN.

Learn more here, http://www.datacore.com/products/SANsymphony.aspx

About DataCore Software

DataCore, the Data Infrastructure Software company, is the leading provider of Software-Defined Storage and Adaptive Parallel I/O Software – harnessing today’s powerful and cost-efficient server platforms with Parallel I/O to overcome the IT industry’s biggest problem, the I/O bottleneck, in order to deliver unsurpassed performance, hyper-consolidation efficiencies and cost savings. The company’s comprehensive and flexible storage virtualization and hyper-converged virtual SAN solutions free users from the pain of labor-intensive storage management and provide true independence from solutions that cannot offer a hardware agnostic architecture. DataCore’s Software-Defined and Parallel I/O powered platforms revolutionize data infrastructure and serve as the cornerstone of the next-generation, software-defined data center – delivering greater value, industry-best performance, availability and simplicity. Visit http://www.datacore.com or call (877) 780-5111 for more information.

About Todd Mace

I’m fortunate to have been part of organizations in the public, private, startup, and academic sectors, which has given me a wider view of the IT industry. I’m recognized in my field as one who not only understands the challenges, but also as a trainer and public speaker. My formula for success includes: creative problem solving, deep critical thinking, sound decision-making, and an innate ability to communicate. I love learning new things and am motivated by solving problems and making peoples’ lives better. I believe innovation drives results, and passion overcomes obstacles.

As a personable Senior Technology Leader, I offer 17+ years experience as a virtualization and storage expert and author. I consider myself an agile IT entrepreneur with a natural talent for technology and platform thought leadership, teaching technical insights, and connecting with customers. Here’s how people describe me:

Follow Todd on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/rtoddm

View Todd’s blog here: http://www.toddmace.io

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DataCore DataCore is the authority on real-time data. The company pioneered software-defined storage and is now bringing its technology to hyperconverged and workload optimization. DataCore empowers IT organizations to achieve always-available, high-performance and highly efficient data. Its patented technology eliminates storage bottlenecks with adaptive parallel I/O optimization, enables zero-downtime synchronous mirroring, and provides a true hardware-agnostic architecture — resulting in flexibility, resource efficiencies, and cost savings. DataCore software is the cornerstone of the next-generation, software-defined data center. DataCore’s value has been proven in more than 10,000 customer deployments across traditional, hyper-converged, cloud, and hybrid environments.

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