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Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8+ Documentation Script Update Version 2.05

Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8+ Documentation Script Update Version 2.05

WHEW! So much community input is in this script.

I didn’t think I was ever going to get this “minor” update completed. By the time I finished updating the script with:

  • the changes Jim Moyle made to the Script Template
  • and then Brandon Mitchel’s updates for 1.x script
  • and then the changes for 7.14 (I mean 7.14.1)
  • and then Samuel Legrand pointed out a new regkey for 7.14
  • which led me to ask for a list of regkeys for 7.8+ and I found out there are 315 regkeys
  • and then several people kept telling me about a missing version check regkey on the computer running the script
  • and I also found little “things” that annoyed me about the two XA/XD scripts when using them at customer sites
  • and I finally had to stop adding and fixing things.

This script is now over 31,000 lines of PowerShell!!! There are 13,000 lines of PowerShell just to handle Citrix Policies.

#Version 2.05 26-Jun-2017

  • Added additional error checking for Site version information
    • If “SOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionUninstallCitrix Desktop Delivery Controller”
    • is not found on the computer running the script, then look on the computer specified for -AdminAddress
    • If still not found on that computer, abort the script
  • Added back the WorkerGroup policy filter for XenApp 6.x
  • Added Broker registry keys that can be set on Broker servers
    • Added Function GetControllerRegistryKeys
    • Added Function Get-RegistryValue2
    • Added Function Get-RegKeyToObject
    • Added Function OutputControllerRegistryKeys
    • Added new parameter BrokerRegistryKeys
    • There are 315 registry keys and values that are checked and listed
    • Updated Function OutputControllers
  • Added Controller version information to the Controllers section
  • Added “Database Size” to the Datastores output
  • Added folder name to Function OutputApplication (Thanks to Brandon Mitchell)
  • Added four new Cover Page properties
    • Company Address
    • Company Email
    • Company Fax
    • Company Phone
  • Added loading the SQL Server assembly so the database size calculations work consistently (thanks to Michael B. Smith)
  • Added missing function validObject
  • Added new parameter MaxDetails:
    • This is the same as using the following parameters:
      • Administrators
      • AppDisks
      • Applications
      • BrokerRegistryKeys
      • DeliveryGroups
      • HardWare
      • Hosting
      • Logging
      • MachineCatalogs
      • Policies
      • StoreFront
  • Added sort applications by AdminFolderName and ApplicationName to Function ProcessApplications (Thanks to Brandon Mitchell)
  • Added support for version 7.14
  • Added the following new Computer policy settings:
    • Application Launch Wait Timeout
    • Enable monitoring of application failures
    • Enable monitoring of application failures on Desktop OS VDAs
    • List of applications excluded from failure monitoring
    • Logoff Checker Startup Delay (seconds)
    • Profile Streaming Exclusion list – directories
  • Added to Delivery Group, LicenseModel and ProductCode
  • Added Version information to Controllers
  • Fixed bug when retrieving Filters for a Policy that “applies to all objects in the Site”
  • Fixed Function Check-LoadedModule
  • Fixed function OutputPolicySetting
  • Fixed functions ProcessAppV and OutputAppv to handle multiple AppV servers (Thanks to Brandon Mitchell)
  • Fixed numerous issues in the Policies section
  • Fixed the “CPU Usage”, “Disk Usage”, and “Memory Usage” policy settings
    • When those settings are Disabled, they are stored as Enabled with a Value of -1
  • Fixed two calls to Get-BrokerApplication that were retrieving the default of 250 records (Thanks to Brandon Mitchell)
  • Removed code (240 lines) that made sure all Parameters were set to default values if for some reason they did exist or values were $Null
  • Reordered the parameters in the help text and parameter list so they match and are grouped better
  • Replaced _SetDocumentProperty function with Jim Moyle’s Set-DocumentProperty function
  • Updated Function OutputDatastores to:
    • Add database size
    • Fix output for mirrored databases
    • Check if SQL Server assembly is loaded before calculating database size
  • Updated Function ProcessScriptEnd for the new Cover Page properties and Parameters
  • Updated Function ShowScriptOptions for the new Cover Page properties and Parameters
  • Updated Function UpdateDocumentProperties for the new Cover Page properties and Parameters
  • Updated help text
  • When -NoPolicies is specified, the Citrix.GroupPolicy.Commands module is no longer searched for

Read the entire article here, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop 7.8+ Documentation Script Update Version 2.05

via Carl Webster

Carl Webster Carl Webster is a Sr. Solutions Architect for Choice Solutions, with over 38 years of IT experience, based in the Nashville, TN area. Webster has been working with application and desktop virtualization since 1990 and with Active Directory since 2001. Webster travels the world doing XenApp, XenDesktop, HP Moonshot and Active Directory projects. He holds the prestigious Citrix Technology Professional designation.

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