Home Applications Citrix Releases Citrix Presentation Server Client Version 10.2 for Windows – Download Now!

Citrix Releases Citrix Presentation Server Client Version 10.2 for Windows – Download Now!

Citrix support just released the 10.2 version of the Citrix ICA Client for Windows.    This update includes the following client versions:  ica32pkg.msi, ica32web.msi, icaweb.cab.
The following issues we fixed with this release.
Content Redirection

1.     When content redirection is enabled for a published application and you attempt to open content in a published desktop session, the application launches a new, blank file rather than the specific file you attempt to open.

Input Devices

1.     After establishing a connection, the Log On to Windows dialog does not appear to accept keyboard input. The issue occurs only if you press SHIFT+F2 while the dialog is displayed.

2.     When local IME is enabled, the Num Lock key does not work properly for some Traditional and Simplified Chinese IMEs.

Installing, Uninstalling, Upgrading

1.     When upgrading to Version 10.100 or later of the client, Program Neighborhood application shortcuts on the desktop are not removed.

2.     After upgrading to Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent, duplicate shortcuts to applications with double-byte characters might appear in the Start menu.

3.     After upgrading to Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent, refreshing applications does not work properly. Specifically, if you delete an application shortcut from the desktop and refresh applications, the desktop shortcut does not reappear.

4.     When installing Program Neighborhood Agent from a command line with the backup config flag enabled, the registry key for the backup URL is not added to the registry.

5.     When upgrading to Version 10.100 or later of the client, the following error message might appear:

"Error loading icaconfs.dll. The specified procedure could not be found."

The issue occurs when the installer attempts to install the file logging.dll and encounters a third-party file by the same name.


1.     When using a PAC script to authenticate, the client might not properly detect proxy settings.

2.     Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent prompts for user authentication every time the network connection is interrupted and then restored.

3.     When launching an application using SOCKS5 authentication, you are prompted for user credentials more than once.


1.     The Print Preview window might appear even if the option to display it is disabled.

2.     When a print job fails to install fonts (typically Type-1 postscript fonts), the print job is not sent to the printer.

Seamless Windows

1.     When launching a published application in a maximized window, the window might be partially positioned off-screen.

2.     When Excelhook is enabled, a ghost window appears in the upper left corner of the screen.

3.     This is the client-side component of a fix that addresses an issue in which applications that are set to launch maximized on a preferred monitor are not properly maximized on the preferred monitor.

To get the full benefit of this fix, you must also install a server hotfix that includes Fix #171012.

4.     Application windows cover the taskbar when the taskbar is set to auto-hide, thus preventing access to the Start menu and other items in the taskbar. As a workaround.

5.     When running both a seamless connection and local applications, the local and seamless application windows might overlap incorrectly.

Security Issues

1.     This fix addresses a security vulnerability. For more information, see Citrix Security Bulletin CTX116227.


1.     Copying files and folders from the server to the client over a client mapped drive might fail and an "Access Denied" error message appears. This is the client-side component of a fix that resolves the issue. To resolve the issue in its entirety, you must also install server-side Fix #156273.

2.     Web Interface embedded sessions do not disconnect when you close the Internet Explorer window. The sessions remain active until the disconnect time-out (30 minutes) is reached.

3.     After minimizing and then restoring a published desktop session to full screen mode, the session window does not cover to entire screen but leaves the local Windows taskbar visible.

4.     After a network connection is interrupted and then restored, Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent might fail to reconnect automatically and an error message appears. The issue occurs primarily in VPN scenarios when the client is attempting to reconnect before a valid IP address is available.

5.     When reconnecting to a fixed-size window session, the previous location of the session window is not remembered; instead, the session starts centered to the screen.

6.     The text box of the 10.100 Quick Launch bar entry box does not scale to resizing. Therefore, if you reduce the width of the Quick Launch bar, text entries are truncated.


1.     With SpeedScreen Multimedia Acceleration enabled, the audio and video portions of multimedia content might not be synchronized properly. To enable this fix, you must add the following entry under the [WFClient] or under the respective connection section of the Appsrv.ini file:


System Exceptions

1.     Under certain circumstances, including turning off encryption, the following error message appears: "The network connection to your application was interrupted. Try to access your application later, or contact technical support." This message is followed by "Citrix Presentation Server connection interrupted. An unrecoverable error has occurred. No further reconnections will be attempted. Please close this dialog box and try again." Subsequent connection attempts might or might not succeed.

2.     Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent might unexpectedly close local instances of Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer upon launch.

3.     TWAIN applications might become unresponsive while scanning.

4.     Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood might throw the following exception on occasion:

error ServerURLModifiable contains an invalid bool value.

User Interface

1.     On clients running Windows 2000, Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent does not honor user-specified locations of desktop shortcuts upon relaunch. Instead, shortcuts are restored to their original desktop locations.

2.     On clients running both Novell ZENworks Desktop Management Agent and Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent, application shortcut icons do not appear on the desktop or on the Start menu.


1.     In Program Neighborhood, changes made to the bitmap cache directory are not honored. Instead, the default location (C:Documents and SettingsApplication DataICAClientwfcwin32.log) is restored when you click Refresh or launch a published application. The issue affects changes made to the Bitmap Cache and to the Event Logging tabs in the ICA Settings window.

2.     In Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent, shortcuts to published content placed on the desktop or the Start menu cannot be added or removed as expected.

3.     Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent does not reflect changes to the name of the desktop shortcut folder made at Manage Application Shortcuts > Desktop Shortcuts > Folder > Use Custom folder name. Instead, a folder with the new name appears on the desktop alongside the original folder.

4.     When reconnecting to a pass-through session using Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent, user-created application shortcuts are removed from the desktop. The issue occurs even if Manage Application Shortcuts > Desktop Shortcuts > Shortcut removal is disabled.

5.     Caution: This fix requires you to delete part of your Vista user profile. Making this change incorrectly can cause serious problems that may require you to reinstall your operating system. Citrix cannot guarantee that problems resulting from deleting an incorrect file can be solved. Perform this modification at your own risk.

On client devices running Windows Vista, the Citrix Program Neighborhood folder might be missing from the Start menu or not contain application shortcuts. The issue occurs because Windows Vista, by default, does not support Start menu subfolders. This fix provides a workaround that allows you to place a fully enumerating and expandable Citrix Program Neighborhood folder under Start > All Programs.

To add the folder to the Start > All Programs folder:

A.     Delete the following folder, if present, from your Vista workstation:

Users*AppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuCitrix Program Neighborhood

where * is the name of the user currently logged into the Windows Vista workstation.

B.     Install this hotfix.

C.    Log off from the workstation and then log back on.

D.    Start Program Neighborhood as usual. A Citrix Program Neighborhood folder containing all applicable shortcuts appears under Start > All Programs.

6.     In Version 10.0 and later of the client, pass-through COM port mapping fails.

7.     Redirecting Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent to an alternate URL does not work properly.

8.     Version 10.100 of Program Neighborhood Agent does not honor the option configured at Manage Application Shortcuts > Desktop Shortcuts > Control > Use server farm settings (defined in published application). If the option is enabled, either all or no application shortcuts appear.

To learn more and to download the Citrix Presentation Server Client 10.200 for Windows please visit: CTX116550 – Citrix Presentation Server Client 10.200 for Windows – Citrix Knowledge Center

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