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Cisco: Why Apigee is Awesome

Cisco: Why Apigee is Awesome

When we announced the joint hybrid cloud partnership Cisco has developed with Google, Kip Compton revealed the pieces of the solution with this high level diagram:

Between now and GA, I’ll be discussing some details on the individual components of the solution that make up the combined whole, starting with a Google component you may not be familiar with called Apigee.

What Is Apigee?

Google acquired Apigee back in September of 2016 but the core technology dates back as far as 2004 and prior to becoming part of Google, Apigee had their IPO in August of 2015.  As the name implies, Apigee makes it easier to create developer-friendly APIs with modern REST interfaces and access keys.  It can automate the creation of documentation and SDKs for an API as well, including monetization services so that an organization can easily create a community for developers interested in their back-end data.

Apigee includes a ton of monitoring and analytics tools and a sophisticated security model so that any company can take an existing back end and safely expose some or all of it to outside developers.

Apigee and the Cisco/Google Hybrid Cloud Partnership

A refreshing aspect of Google’s attitude towards public cloud is its admission that not all workloads will leave the corporate data center.  Many SAP implementations contain data some feel is not appropriate outside the friendly confines of a corporate firewall and some Oracle databases are large enough that getting them into a public cloud environment without interrupting service is tricky.  For those and other reasons, there are just some things that organizations might want to keep in their data centers.

Read the entire article here, Why Apigee is Awesome

Via the fine folks at Cisco Systems.


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