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Cisco: New-Gen Technologies Make IoT Transformational

Cisco: New-Gen Technologies Make IoT Transformational

Over the last few years, many people—myself included—have been touting the Internet of Things (IoT) as a driving force behind digital transformation. But is IoT by itself truly that transformational? Well, I would argue that it is not. IoT focuses mainly on securely connecting devices that generate data. It is a key element of disruption and change, but it needs to partner with other technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and fog computing to create billions—some say trillions—of dollars in value and transform industries.Let’s take a closer look at these cross-technology relationships:

AI is the brain, IoT is the body.

IoT and AI have a remarkably synergistic relationship. AI, especially machine learning, provides intelligence—the ability to evaluate options, learn from experience and make smart decisions. IoT, like the body, provides the ability to sense and act. IoT delivers both the data AI needs, and the physical means to act on AI’s decisions.

The convergence of AI and IoT is creating countless new opportunities. For example, remote healthcare monitoring offers in-home diagnostics, analyzing a 24×7 stream of data and providing insights for care. In manufacturing, predictive analytics give production managers the intelligence to evaluate the trade-offs between building a new plant, for example, or buying extra capacity as needed. And preventive maintenance systems use IoT data plus AI to predict and prevent equipment problems before they happen.

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