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Cisco: Enterprise Networking – Trends for 2018

Cisco: Enterprise Networking – Trends for 2018

2017 has been a year of incredible progress and change for Enterprise Networking at Cisco. We redefined networking this year with the world’s first intent-based networking system. We believe that Intent based networking is the future of networking – fundamentally changing how we think about networks and empowering IT to deal with disruptions caused by cloud and IoT.2018 promises to be an equally dynamic year for Cisco and for the networking industry. Here are a few thoughts on trends I see as we enter the new year:

  1. Next gen network analytics goes mainstream – Network assurance powered by next-generation analytics will move from a mostly wireless-only focus to a more holistic view.

Where we’re at: 2017 saw the start of next-gen analytics being applied to help customers operate wireless networks. However, this is way too narrow of a lens and not reflective of customers’ actual needs. Analytics engines need to be able to source and analyze telemetry from a broad spectrum of assets.

Where we’re going: 2018 will see the expansion of next generation analytics being applied to more domains such as switching and SD-WAN to provide 360 degree views of the network, user, and application. As we move through 2018, the above combined with the application of simulation, machine learning, and AI to these new data sets will enable IT to move from a reactive to a proactive stance. These changes will drive network assurance into the mainstream and out of the niche.

  1. SecOps and NetOps lines blur – IoT will take the #2 slot behind Ransomware as a top area of corporate and public concern. This will ultimately force companies to reevaluate their security architectures and drive SecOps (Security Operations) and NetOps (Network Operations) teams closer than ever before.

Read the entire article here, Enterprise Networking – Trends for 2018

Via the fine folks at Cisco Systems.


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