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Cisco: 7 Things to Know About AI and Customer Care

Cisco: 7 Things to Know About AI and Customer Care

Artificial intelligence for customer care is a hot subject. One industry analyst recently shared that, starting a few months ago, more than 75% of the firm’s customer inquiries were to discuss just one topic: Using AI to improve customer care.

What are some key insights regarding customer care and AI?

1. AI is a means to an end, not an end in itself. The top four priorities for customer care have remained consistent for many years:

  • Optimize the human element in the contact center
  • Save customer time and effort through automation and self-service tools
  • Consolidate applications to reduce IT footprint
  • Drive towards personalization of the customer experience

AI can help further address self-service outcomes by helping you deepen offers through more natural and intuitive interfaces. “How may we help you?” will become the most common question companies ask in their self-service offers compared to today’s largely static interfaces.

2. AI will be everywhere, pervasive and integrated. The nature of AI is such that you can infuse it into existing business processes. When executed well, AI should be unnoticeable to your customer, but result in more delightful and efficient experiences. Some customer-facing processes will be completely AI driven, while others will use AI to improve portions of existing processes. It will become increasingly more difficult to discern when AI is part of a business process – in a good way.

Read the entire article here, 7 Things to Know About AI and Customer Care

Via the fine folks at Cisco Systems.


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