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Chasing Bad Versus Ensuring Good

Chasing Bad Versus Ensuring Good

Security is a thing we have to deal with more ever than before. At vEUCTechCon I presented a session about securing the workspace. The intend of that session was to create awareness of threats out there. It was also intended to show how certain products could help you. The products shown at the conference were VMware products, this was because the even we organised was a VMware oriented conference.  After my presentation I got to talk to several attendees about security. I think a series on securing the workspace is a nice blog series, so let’s get started. In this first blog I will talk about chasing bad versus ensuring good. In blogs to come I will go deeper on that as show simple solutions to protect. And lastly I’ll discuss monitoring as that is your first line of defense as an early warning system.

Define workspaceLets first establish what a workspace is, in dictionaries you will find things like a desk, a place to set at and so on. Those are old references to workspace not applicable anymore to this time and place. a workspace today is where users will access their applications and/or data. It can be a variety of devices from a mobile to a desktop, from a laptop to a virtual desktop. Office 365 even is a workspace, one you need to access from one of the devices mentioned earlier. As work being something you do not something you go to so did the workspace shift. It’s more a functional thing now from being a pure physical place before. For the sake of this blog I will refer to a workspace as a Windows running device even though I know that is limiting it too much.

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Rob Beekmans is a 26 year IT vetaran that worked in many fields in IT before he joined PQR 7 year ago. Rob is a senior consultant with a strong focus on Application and desktop delivery, User Environment Management, Mobility and monitoring. Rob is a VMware vExpert and is a member of the VMware EUC-Champions group. Rob shares his vision and insights on his personal blog, on webinars or on stage.

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