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VMware eBook- ‘Agents of Change: CIO Priorities for 2016’

Practical Perspectives and Advice on Today’s Most Impactful Trends from VMware Transformation Experts Today’s most successful enterprises are transforming themselves, upending business models, disrupting markets. What’s more, they’re turning on a dime—and the pace at which they’re doing so is only increasing. For these winners, that agility translates into increased customer satisfaction, better margins, and higher sales. For their IT functions—responsible for so […]

Who Does Citrix Use to Monitor Citrix? eG Innovations – Solutions Overview

eG Innovations
Ultimate Citrix Performance Insight – Ultimate Confidence Who Does Citrix Use to Monitor Citrix? eG Innovations. The Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy annual industry conferences are strategic pillars for Citrix Systems. Partners and customers travel from around the globe to these events to explore the ways in which Citrix’s newest advances can help them realize their business […]

Application Performance Management Tools for Enterprise Applications – White Papers

Enterprise applications need high scalability to cater to a large end user base. The top issues faced by IT Teams in these organizations are monitoring uptime and ensuring good performance for their business applications. To resolve these problems, enterprises need to make strategic investments in end to end application performance management tools that can empower […]

Business Impact of Application Performance Problems – White Paper

Issues with the performance of business-critical applications can cause deterioration of an organization’s business performance. Slow or not readily available applications that support key business processes can cause revenue loss, and decline in customer satisfaction, employee productivity or brand reputation. Download and read ‘Business Impact of Application Performance Problems’ White Paper Here

Four Keys for Monitoring Cloud Services – White Paper

Organizations are becoming increasingly interested in leveraging cloud computing services to improve flexibility and scalability of the IT services delivered to end-users. However, organizations using cloud computing services face the following challenge: decreased visibility into the performance of services being delivered to their end-users. Many cloud providers offer dashboards for tracking availability of their services […]

Atlantis HyperScale with Citrix XenApp – Reference Architecture

Atlantis Computing
Download the reference architecture detailing testing results that are repeatable in your environment. Deliver virtual desktops faster than flash for less than $100/user This reference architecture will show you how to: Deploy an entire infrastructure in less than an hour Host 915 shared desktops performing up to 15 times faster than a physical PC Provide […]

Going Beyond Plain Virtualization Monitoring – White Paper

Virtualization is one of the hottest IT trends among businesses today. It is a disruptive technology that has challenged traditional IT infrastructures and changed the way business works with IT. According to research firms Gartner and Forrester, small and medium businesses are increasingly deploying virtualization and this number is only set to increase in the […]

Updated ‘Microsoft SQL Server on VMware vSphere Availability and Recovery Options’ White Paper

Running Microsoft SQL Server on VMware vSphere® offers many options for database availability and disaster recovery utilizing the best features from both VMware and Microsoft. For example, VMware vSphere vMotion® and VMware vSphere Distributed Resource Scheduler™ (DRS) can help to reduce planned downtime and balance workloads dynamically, and VMware vSphere High Availability (HA) can help to recover SQL Server […]

Integrated Performance Management for Physical, Virtual & Cloud Infrastructure – White Paper

Today’s businesses increasingly use software applications that run in a wide variety of environments, everything from physical to virtual to cloud. As organizations look for ways to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase scalability, cloud computing and virtualization are playing a vital part in their IT strategies. However, these new technologies also present new challenges […]

The Complete Guide to Understanding the Citrix Logon Process for XenApp/XenDesktop

Goliath Technologies
A Technical How-To Guide to Troubleshooting & Resolving Citrix Logon Slowness/Failure Issues to Improve the End User Experience In this free how-to troubleshooting guide to solving Citrix logon issues, a Citrix Engineer breaks down each step of the complex Citrix logon process. The guide explains all 33 stages of the Citrix logon sequence and the role […]

ClearSky Takes Primary Storage “to the Cloud” – Analyst Report

ClearSky Data
A DeepStorage Technology Validation Report Users have long dreamt of storage without the overhead of provisioning, management, migration, and, of course, data protection. While cloud-storage services have many of these attributes, they can’t meet the performance and latency requirements to be primary storage supporting the line of business applications upon which most organizations rely. ClearSky’s […]

DataCore Parallel Server SPC-1 Top Results Slideshow

In the following DataCore slideshow you will view the results of the Parallel Server SPC-1 and: SPC is the Industry Benchmark SPC-1 Top Dogs Why the numbers matter… Huawei OceanStor 18800 V3 Hitachi VSP G1000 w/ Flash DataCoreTM Parallel Server Kaminario K2 Huawei OceanStor 18800 IBM Power 780 Server w/ SSDs Hyper-consolidation Productivity & Savings! […]

A Recipe for Conducting Successful Virtualization Projects – White Paper

Organizations are increasingly striving to improve their utilization of their enterprise infrastructures and to provide their IT teams with tools allowing them to gain more management flexibility when delivering business-critical data to end-users. One of the key strategies that organizations are implementing to achieve this goal is virtualization of their servers, storage, and desktops. Typically, […]

The ClearSky Data Global Storage Network

ClearSky Data
Architecture Overview ClearSky revolutionizes enterprise storage, with profound implications for companies and their IT departments. They no longer have to wrestle with different devices and technologies for primary storage, backups and disaster recovery, or try to anticipate upcoming requirements. They no longer have to buy and maintain expensive equipment, or make difficult decisions about where to store […]

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