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Application Layering Comparison with VMware App Volumes and Liquidware Labs FlexApp – White Paper

So I’ve been working for this for some time after I had a presentation about Application layering a couple on months back at NIC conference and on Citrix User Group here in Norway. There are a lot of products/vendors in this space, so this time I decided to focus on VMware and Liquidware Labs and […]

Comparing Skype for Business versus Slack, Cisco, and Google Hangouts – Guide

Comparing Skype for Business versus Slack, Cisco, and Google Hangouts Skype for Business brings the power of professional meeting and collaboration tools together with an experience that is familiar and intuitive. Seamless integration with Office and a single unified user interface across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices help people work and communicate effectively from […]

VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 Performance with Online Transaction Processing Workloads – Performance Study

This white paper examines the performance of Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications with Virtual SAN 6.2. The OLTP applications, which model an online retail store and a brokerage house workload, involve a large number of client transactions. The performance of such workloads are crucial to businesses such as banks, airlines, and retailers. Overall, Virtual SAN 6.2 performs well […]

The Total Economic Impact of Citrix XenApp White Paper

Citrix Systems
Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of a Citrix XenApp customer to examine their return on investment. The study provides readers with a framework to evaluate the potential economic benefits XenApp may have on their organization. Download the white paper to see how much you can save by implementing XenApp. Forrester found […]

VMware Virtual SAN 6.2 Design and Sizing Guide’ White Paper

VMware® Virtual SAN™ is a hypervisor-converged, software-defined storage platform that is fully integrated with VMware vSphere®. Virtual SAN aggregates locally attached disks of hosts that are members of a vSphere cluster, to create a distributed shared storage solution. Virtual SAN enables the rapid provisioning of storage within VMware vCenter™ as part of virtual machine creation and deployment operations. Virtual SAN is […]

VMware UEM and App Volumes Overview White Paper

This white paper has been authored by experts at Liquidware Labs to provide an overview of the topics of User Profile and Environment Management and Application Layering technologies for Windows desktop environments and to provide a comparison of the offerings from Liquidware Labs with those offered by VMware. This document covers specific use cases as […]

Windows 10 IOPS for VDI – White Paper

Atlantis Computing
What You Don’t Know WILL Kill Your VDI User Experience Our most popular white paper updated for Windows 10! Windows 10 and IOPS is the most challenging, least understood and most frequently encountered resource bottleneck that stalls todays desktop virtualization projects. Many of these projects are Windows 10 migrations which are one of the key […]

Desktop Virtualization Best Practice Guide – Community-Sourced Resource

Atlantis Computing
*Just Released* Get 200+ real-world tips on desktop virtualization in the industry’s first community sourced reference guide.  We’ve brought together over 30 community pro’s to share their best practices that will help you design, build, configure and maintain successful desktop virtualization solutions. Don’t miss this chance to get an insider view into how other IT […]

Capacity Planning & Capacity Management Fundamentals eBook

As organizations scale, planning for greater application workload demand is critical. IT cannot afford to be seen as a bottleneck to successful business growth. Moreover, the larger the organization and the faster the growth the higher the stakes. Planning ahead is key, but as this eBook will discuss, equally important is the foundation you use […]

User Environment Management Comparison White Paper 16.03

User Environment Management (UEM) is an IT term that most people in the business know for many years already. Starting with the good old Roaming Profiles from Microsoft back in the 90s’ we have moved on. Today we are working with more advanced tooling that will help you bring the optimal user experience to your […]

VMware eBook- ‘Agents of Change: CIO Priorities for 2016’

Practical Perspectives and Advice on Today’s Most Impactful Trends from VMware Transformation Experts Today’s most successful enterprises are transforming themselves, upending business models, disrupting markets. What’s more, they’re turning on a dime—and the pace at which they’re doing so is only increasing. For these winners, that agility translates into increased customer satisfaction, better margins, and higher sales. For their IT functions—responsible for so […]

Who Does Citrix Use to Monitor Citrix? eG Innovations – Solutions Overview

eG Innovations
Ultimate Citrix Performance Insight – Ultimate Confidence Who Does Citrix Use to Monitor Citrix? eG Innovations. The Citrix Summit and Citrix Synergy annual industry conferences are strategic pillars for Citrix Systems. Partners and customers travel from around the globe to these events to explore the ways in which Citrix’s newest advances can help them realize their business […]

Application Performance Management Tools for Enterprise Applications – White Papers

Enterprise applications need high scalability to cater to a large end user base. The top issues faced by IT Teams in these organizations are monitoring uptime and ensuring good performance for their business applications. To resolve these problems, enterprises need to make strategic investments in end to end application performance management tools that can empower […]

Business Impact of Application Performance Problems – White Paper

Issues with the performance of business-critical applications can cause deterioration of an organization’s business performance. Slow or not readily available applications that support key business processes can cause revenue loss, and decline in customer satisfaction, employee productivity or brand reputation. Download and read ‘Business Impact of Application Performance Problems’ White Paper Here

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