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Ericom PowerTerm InterConnect Product Overview —

Ericom Software
The PowerTerm InterConnect Series is comprised of several robust terminal emulation applications supporting the host access needs of large and small organizations. It allows enterprises to standardize on a single host access solution. Each of the PowerTerm InterConnect products enables terminal emulation via various communication modes including: IBM 3270, IBM 3151, AT386, Wyse 370, Data […]

Terminal Emulation with PowerTerm InterConnect (3270, 5250, VT, WYSE, Linux and more)

Ericom Software
Terminal Emulator by Ericom that supports Telnet, SSH, SSL, Kerberos, FTP, and over 30 emulation types. This is a product overview on how to connect to a session, use keyboard mapping, and configure PowerTerm InterConnect (the terminal emulator). For more information visit WWW.ERICOM.COM or email INFO@ERICOM.COM

Printing from Remote Windows Application to a Mac

Tricerat A simple solution that enables mac clients to print documents from a remote windows session using Simplify Printing Bundle by triCerat.

Getting Started with Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect 5.6

Ericom Software
Ericom’s Server based computing solution, PowerTerm WebConnect, enables organizations to standardize on one easy-to-manage, cost-effective solution that offers user’s access to applications and desktops residing on Windows Terminal Servers, legacy host systems, and leading virtualization platforms, including VMware, Microsoft, Xen and more. Watch this video on how to get started with PowerTerm WebConnect.

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