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SANsymphony-V Test Drive

An introduction to the powerful, high availability functionality that is available to you through our SANsymphony-V storage virtualization software. For more information, please visit

Chalk Talk #3 – Virtualization Success In Healthcare

Healthcare organizations have been successful at deploying virtualization – but only after getting the visibility to identify the root-cause problems that virtualization was being blamed for. Watch this chalk talk to learn how several healthcare organizations successfully delivered high ROI from virtualizing servers, to patient care interoperability applications to virtual desktops.

Chalk Talk #1 – Stop the Virtualization Blame Game

Virtualization is the new kid on the block — and therefore blamed for most every new problem. The challenge for VI admins is documenting that virtualization is not to blame — which means you need to prove what is the problem — and need visibility to see across all silos and stop the blame game.

Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect: Application Publishing in a Few Easy Steps

Ericom Software Watch how quick and easy it is to publish, load balance & access applications running on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) / Terminal Servers — with Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView. PowerTerm WebConnect RemoteView is a simpler, cost-effective Citrix Alternative that delivers centrally managed, secure on-demand access to applications and virtual desktops. As an easy […]

AppSense User Virtualization – Policy and Personalization

This shows hwo AppSnese User Virtualization dynamically configures a desktop and applies policy actions at trigger points within the user session to reduce logon times and applies user perosnalization without a roaming profile to personalize all desktop components, regardless of how they are delivered

David Davis and Kendrick Coleman discuss Xangati for ESX

Xangati is discussed by David Davis and Kendrick Coleman as part of their “Top 10 Best Free Tools for vSphere Management” presentation.

AppSense customer video: Conexus Credit Union

Conexus is utilizing AppSense user virtualization solutions to dramatically decrease logon times and increase application control in their Citrix XenApp environment. Also, Check out the UTMB, Kaweah Delta and QBE AppSense customer videos, also on this AppSense YouTube Channel.

AppSense customer video: QBE Insurance Group

QBE is utilizing AppSense user virtualization solutions to deliver desktop virtualization to support offshore developers and to help effectively manage their user profiles. With AppSense, QBE is experiencing faster logon times and end user satisfaction. In addition, AppSense is allowing seamless migration between desktops regardless of delivery mechanism or operating system. Also, Check out the […]

AppSense & Citrix Customer Interview: Kaweah Delta Health

Kawea Detla Health utilize AppSense User Virtualization Solutions to enable the standardization of their Citrix XenDesktop delivered Virtual Desktops across multiple accessing devices, including mobile Apple iPads. Using AppSense has also doubled the number of users per server too, significantly reducing desktop TCO and infrastructure costs also. User now recieve the fastest logons and personalized […]

Citrix XenDesktop & AppSense Customer Video – University of Texas Medical Branch

UTMB decided to you Citrix XenDesktop to deliver virtual desktops to any user, in any location, on any device – however found they required more than basic profile management to personalize the standardized desktop components. UTMB evaluated a number of solutions, but quickly decided that AppSense is what they needed and have since used AppSense […]

AppSense Citrix and Microsoft VDI

Microsoft and Citrix have teamed to deliver a virtual desktop solution. AppSense technology is unique in its ability to enable organizations to adopt a mix of Citrix and Microsoft desktop delivery technologies (and in combination with other desktop and application delivery technologies), while ensuring all user specific information seamlessly follow the user to ensure a […]

AppSense – User Personalization Profile Rollback

Reduce support costs and time to repair damaged profiles by taking scheduled snapshots of the user settings on a per application basis and if required, roll back the settings to a previous known good snapshot for a user on a per application basis. Rollback the application settings to a previous version, no longer have to […]

AppSense – Stream Personalization between OS Platforms

Enable users to make changes in an application in one OS and then have the appear in another concurrent session on another OS (e.g make change in Win XP and appear in Win7). This can not be done with Roaming Profiles. Can also help migrate dekstop and application settings from XP to Win7

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